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How to Get Inspiration for Your Business?

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How to Get Inspiration for Your Business?

You love your business, you love your customers, you love what you do but sometimes, you just can’t get inspired.

Today, let’s talk about inspiration. How you can get inspired by your business, where to look and what can make your life easier.

What Type of Inspiration do You Need?

Inspiration is a huge topic. What are you trying to be inspired to do?

Inspiration can come in many forms from:

  • Getting out of bed
  • Looking after yourself
  • Working on your business
  • What to post on social media
  • Client gifts or not
  • Falling back in love with your business
  • New products or services
  • Deleting/removing products or services

Now, I am not going to go into all these area or we will be here for the next week. However, we have done some of these areas in the past and future episodes of the Small Business Talk Podcast.

Inspiration For Getting Out Of Bed

Inspiration for Looking After Yourself

Inspiration for Working on Your Business

Falling Back in Love with Your Business

Inspiration for What to Post on Social Media

Let’s talk about how to get inspired to post on social media, what to post, when.

1. What Are Your Competition Doing

Start by seeing what your competitions are doing. What’s working for them? You can tell if it is working by the amount of interaction they are getting, eg, comments and shares.

One of our previous guests gave us a great tool to check out what Facebook ads are being placed. Go to

Even if you aren’t thinking about spending money on ads, it’s still a great resource to see what other people are doing in your industry. An ever better tip is to see what other industries are doing that you could adapt to be doing in yours.

2. Answer Frequent Asked Questions

What are the questions that you are being asked all the time?

Can you do a post to answer one or some of those. If these are indepth questions that need detailed answers, you could write a blog article, put it on your website and then link your post to it.

Yes, this will take a bit of time however, how much time is it taking you or your staff answering the same questions over and over.

Writing not your thing? Then video it. Do it for real with a willing customer or stage it with a staff member or friend. Or you can talk directly to camera and just answer the question.

3. Post A Special of The Week

Are you running a promotion or special that you can post.

5% off on Tuesday if you mention you saw this post.

Make it colourful and thumb stopping.

4. Tell a story

Case studies are brilliant stories to show how you have helped a customer. Showing your services without selling. Remember to tart with the “before” take the audience on a journey and then bring them to the happy conclusion. Video is a great way to tell case studies.

5. Wish You Were Posts

Create emotion. We all love the posts of lovely manicured toes on the edge of a pool with a cocktail/beer/cold beverage in hand. The image transports us to a lovely holiday, time away, breaking free.

What sort of “wish you were here” post can you do for your business.

Student Graduating

Happy couple moving into their first home

Sipping steaming hot coffee

6. How to’s

Do you have a how to or step by step brochure?

7 simple tips to…

That there is 7 posts, quote cards or videos. Use the promotional material you already have, convert it to a pdf that you can put on your website.

7. Showcase Your Products

Explain how a particular product can solve a particular problem. Who the product can help, in what situations it is best used.

Information that your customers will find helpful when they are researching.

8. State the Obvious

What is industry standard for your industry? You may be shocked to know that outside your industry, the rest of the world probably doesn’t know. Even if they do a gently reminder never hurt anyone.

9. Highlight Your Customers

Give your customers some limelight. Real sells and happy customers sell even quicker. /Highlight staff members

10. Holiday/Occasion Posts

Happy Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day okay may not as every day is children’s day.

Merry Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Independence Day, National Country Day, and Foundation Day.

There are lots – almost one every week. World Kindness Day, National Education Day, Small Business Saturday and many other. You could even make your own.

These are just a few to get your creative juices flowing. If you still need more, you could always Google.

  • Social Media Blog post ideas
  • Ideas to get inspiration for blog posts

And you will find hundreds. Remember to plan ahead of time so you can have plenty of time for inspiration and creativity.

How to Get Inspiration for Your Business?

Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 42 for the full episode.

On next week’s podcast on Small Business Talk, we will talk to a special guest all about collaborations and how they can really help your business.

How to Get Inspiration For Your Business

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