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How to Fall in Love With Your Business with Pauline Bright

Welcome to the very first edition of Small Business Talk Podcast, today we’re having a chat with special guest Pauline Bright from Bright Business Coaching, the award-winning business coach with over 14 years’ experience. She loves helping business owners create businesses that they will love.

When your business is taking more than it gives you and you are left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted or questioning your sanity, what do you do next?

Pauline gives us some great tips on how to fall back in love with your business in episode 1 of the Small Business Talk Podcast so tune in now!

Show Notes


Pauline Bright is a business coach and mentor who has had love affairs with a lot of businesses – many were her own. She knows what it takes to commit to a good business and to bring fun, passion and joy back into it. Sometimes the business – and you – need the metaphorical equivalent of a sassy new haircut, some smart new clothes and a good manicure, and sometimes it’s a major makeover.

She also knows when to quit, because quitting doesn’t always mean failure.  Sometimes it’s the most practical solution to free yourself up for something better.

How to Fall in Love With Your Business

How would you fall in love with your business again and why do we need to fall in love with the business again?

“First of all, you have to look at why did you fall out of love with my business?”

Your business can be like a romance, when a romance dies, we do all kinds of things, we blame the other person, they’re stupid, they’re there this or that… You can blame your business as well and it could be that you and your business were a bit of a mismatch, you were never really suited to each other in the first place or you just fell out of love with your business.

Reasons people fell out of love with their businesses are

  • The business becomes harder than you imagine it was going to be
  • The business is not as much fun as it used to be
  • The direction of the business has changed.

Does Your Business Have the 7 Year Itch?

For some people owning a business is like having an affair. It may be like a short fling, a short mad fling. You buy or start a business and then discover that you never really meant it to be a long-term thing. After a while you find yourself in a long-term relationship with the business, only to see that you don’t actually like it… That’s an interesting place to be.

Pauline call that the seven-year itch…

What Type of Business Person Are You?

Now how to fix your love affair with your business?

You need to start with what type of personality you have.

  • Are you a great start, but you’re not a great finisher?
  • Do you like the middle of business – management?
  • Are you a finisher – not the ideas person however you like seeing things to competition?

“Until you know what your relationship with your business is, you won’t know how to fix it?”

Falling out of love with your business is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you just need that reinvigorating or energy to make your business great again.  You can stand back and see it from a different perspective and sometimes it might be time to quit. Other times it is the inspiration you need to make a change so that you can love your business again.

What to Do Next to Rekindle Your Business Love Affair?

If you want to fall back in love with your business you will need some practical and actionable strategies – not just Googles generic advice served up by people who have never owned businesses or experienced falling out of love with them.

You will need to think differently about your business and make some bold moves to rekindle the romance.

Pauline Bright’s Tip to Fall Back in Love with Your Business!

  1. Quitting – decide what you need to quit, the power of passion in every natural business cycle.
  2. Talk yourself into it or out of it. Go Deep
  3. The cure for “Mondayitis” so you love being there, even after the weekend.
  4. Working out where you best fit in your business

Listen in to hear how Pauline infusions love, passion and her sense of humour as she shares her business wisdom with us on our very first
Small Business Talk Podcast episode – How to Fall in Love With Your Business with Pauline Bright



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