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Moving Beyond Limiting Self Belief and Into the Freedom Of Possibilities with Lisa Kniebe

Welcome to the Small Business Talk Podcast, today we’re having a chat with Lisa Kniebe. Lisa is from Lisa Kniebe Consulting. Lisa’s topic today is your business adventure, moving beyond limiting self-belief and into the freedom of possibilities listen.

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Show Notes


Lisa Kniebe empowers business owners with a tool kit for content creation that builds brand harmony, communicates value and identifies them as leaders in their field. Through her consulting and coaching she helps business owners organise their big ideas, identify actionable steps and achieve results. An explorer at heart, Lisa’s goal is to inspire you to take a leap of faith, believe in yourself and join her for a content creation adventure.

Conquering the Mountain

Lisa has recently come back from Africa, Tanzania, where she and her family literately climbed a mountain, they embarked on a huge adventure to attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

How to Climb a Mountain

How the journey began, to climb a mountain, a very big mountain.

Lisa and her husband have always been in a really adventurous couple, and they raised their 2 children into a life of adventure. However this was their biggest adventure yet.

When Lisa’s children were younger, she felt the need to protect them and keep them safe, and that really curtailed her own desire for adventure for quite some time. As the kids were getting older into their teen, Lisa’s husband said, “Why, I’ve got our next family adventure, which is Kilimanjaro.” And that was 5 years ago, and at that point, Lisa said, “No way. You can count me out, not a chance. That is not who I am, that is not where I want to take my kids, I do not see myself doing that.” That catalyst was actually resistant.

Lisa’s first encounter with Kilimanjaro was this sense of “no way” and that really made her reflect on “who am I, what am I all about, what do I stand for, and why is this no way?” So that sort of limiting belief that she had created around for herself, around who she was, now being a mum. And so, once she started to unpick that, Kilimanjaro went on her vision board, and slowly, slowly Lisa grew into the vision, and this year she saw that combination happen.

Limiting Beliefs

“I think one of the things that most surprised me in my business journey was that it wasn’t the skill set, and it wasn’t the knowledge, and it wasn’t even the connections and the lead generation that’s been the biggest challenge in my business. It was the limiting self-beliefs around what I thought I could do, what I thought I should do, and who I thought I should be to other people. That was so powerful that it can keep you playing small, which is a bit of a buzz word, but the reality is, you’ve got a comfort zone and your self-talk and the stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you should be doing and could be doing, keep you in that comfort zone. In business, it’s a very uncomfortable process to start pushing through that and saying, “I can be more, and I have a bigger goal and often we feel like, “Who am I to have this? Who am I to say that I launched Lisa Kniebe Consulting at the end of last year, after being in Stella Polaris copywriting?” And that was a huge transition, from being behind a business name that stood in front of me, and allowed to be somewhat hidden, to being Lisa Kniebe, saying I am enough as I am. And that was a big transition that challenged those limiting beliefs.” Lisa said

On episode 12 of the Small Business Talk Podcasts I spoke about Imposter Syndrome, which a lot of our listeners can relate to, and like you say, it’s not the skill set, it’s the mindset that holds most of us back. It’s great advice. You decided that you would go to Kilimanjaro, so what was the next step to actually making it happen?

3 Business Takeaways From The Mountain

    1. Don’t set goals based on the person you are today – set big goals and work towards them because you will be a different person as you achieve more.
    2. Make fear your friend and you will surprise yourself on what you can achieve.
    3. Build in your support team

Listen to the Small Business Talk Podcast episode 15 Moving Beyond Limiting Self Belief And Into The Freedom Of Possibilities for all this and so much more.



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