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Impostor Syndrome What Is It and Do you Have It?

Today on to Small Business Talk Podcast with Cathy Smith, we are chatting about Impostor Syndrome, what is it and do you have it?

Show Notes

Impostor Syndrome

What is it?
Do you have it?
What is the cure?

Impostor Syndrome is when you feel like you are not good enough no matter what qualifications you have or how many years’ experience you have. Impostor Syndrome is common in areas where there is no formal training for the skills or services you perform; or where the training or qualification have changed over the years.

The Graphic Design Industry is a classic example. 30 years ago, Graphic design was a trade qualification. You did a 4 year apprenticeship where you worked under a tradesman with years of experience and then in your 2nd, 3rd and 4th years you attended a technical college (TAFE) where you had technical (theory) and practical assessments.

Now Graphic Design is a university degree. I was one of the last to go through as an apprentice before the system changes plus I have 25 or so years of post apprenticeship experience; however, I DON’T have s degree. So does that make me any less qualified than someone who came over me and has a Graphic Arts or Graphic Design Degree?
I shall leave you to answer that!

The quickest way to build trust is in person. We take our queues from how people behaviour both verbally and non verbally and first impressions really do count.

Do I Have Impostor Syndrome?

Me personally, no not much these days, however I used too.

Do you have Impostor Syndrome? Do you ever feel like you are:
  • Not good enough
  • Know enough
  • Experienced enough
To teach / charge / over whatever your skill set is? Do you ever shy away when someone asks you what you do or what you are qualified at? If you answer YES to any of the above questions, then yes my friend you have or have had Impostor Syndrome.

What is the Cure to Impostor Syndrome?

Give yourself some credit.

Are you helping people to solve their problems with whatever you offer?

Yes of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. You are NOT an impostor. Read that again and say it out loud.

I AM NOT AN IMPOSTOR – I help people.

Brendon Burchard says “Stop asking if you belong and start asking if you’re being of absolute service every day!”

When my daughter was little, I only worked school hours. I would drop her off at school then frantically drive home and get my team sorted, do any work that was urgent and then some days head out to see clients. I would need to be back in time to be waiting outside the classroom when the bell rang.

The days I had appointments I would dress up, put on my “work uniform” and be very productive. I would see my clients and get everything done. On the days I didn’t have appointments I would where casual clothes.

What I found was 2 things?

  1. I was treated differently.

If I was wearing casual clothes, my girlfriends thought I wasn’t working and would ask if I wanted to do coffee, go shopping or just hang out. On the days I had my work uniform on they would say “Cathy, you are working today. Good luck with your appointments. Be great to catchup with you when the children are available. Hope your day goes well” Or something to that effect.

  1. I felt different

The other thing I found was I was in “WORK MODE” and my mindset was you are working let’s get on with it, the washing / dishes / shopping etc could wait.

Now don’t get me wrong catching up with my girlfriends is wonderful, however if I wanted to grow my business and help my client’s I needed to dedicate time to working productively too.

As time went on if I didn’t have appointments I would wear my uniform to school and then come home and change back into my casual clothes. The mindset shift was enough to get me into work mode and it saved on washing . . . Double Bonus!

“Fake It To You Make It”

No, I don’t like that expression.

If you are faking it then you probably don’t know your stuff and are not being your authentic self. I do like “Grow into Where You Want to Be.”

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know your stuff?
  • Can you help your ideal customer?

You may not be a brain surgeon but there is only 1 YOU!

Marie Forleo says “The world needs the special gift that only you have”.

Be The One!

How many times have you been given the same information? You may have seen it, heard it, read it and then 1 person puts a slightly different twist on it. The information is explained or broken down in a way that you can understand and “Bingo It Clicks”.

What if you are that 1 person and makes it click for your customers?

Remember to be great, you must start.
Take 1 tip from today’s episode and take action.

Impostor Syndrome – How to Cure It?

Is it real? Yes Absolutely.

Can it be cure? Sure Can.

Brook Castillo from The Life Coach School says “Putting out B+ work is better than no work”.

Don’t wait until it is perfect, just start and you might be surprised who you help with your imperfect work!

Denise Duffield-Thomas talks about placeholder content in her book “Chillpreneur”. She says she added placeholder content so that she could help her audience, her tribe and always intended to go back and make it better. That placeholder content has helped her to make thousands of dollars and help hundreds of women.

What are You Waiting For?

Are you an impostor?

Are you doing the wrong thing?

In your heart of hearts can you help your audience?

You ARE NOT an impostor, so get out there and do your stuff. Your confidence will grow and you will hone your craft as you go along.

Jo Alilovic, my podcast guest on Episode 009 said “When doing a podcast if you don’t go back and listen to your first episodes and cringe then you waited too long to start”.

Go For It – Just Start

Go For It, Get Started?

You only need to be a little bit in front. I once heard that to build a course you only need to be one webinar / one chapter / one session in front of your students. For me personally that would be way too stressful. I am sure you get the idea. It doesn’t have to be completely done, perfect or finished to get it out there.

If you know more than your students, the people that you are teaching / helping / instructing then you are of help.

Remember we are always far harsher on ourselves that anyone else will be. Go out there and help the world, your community, your idea audience. Even things that you think are easy, explain them to someone and you might just solve a huge problem them that they have been stuck on for ages.

You Are Not an Impostor.

You are not an impostor
Be authentic
Be you and go for it.

See you next week on Small Business Talk Podcast where we talk to a business coach about how to deal with difficult customers.

Impostor Syndrome, What is it and Do you Have it?

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