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How to Be Well Within Your Business – Barbara Cafagna

Today on the Small Business Talk Podcast, we are chatting to Barbara Cafagna who is a Holistic Wellness Coach. Travel consultant turned wellness coach and master chef after having a stroke at 35 years old and living to tell and learn from her story.

An amazing lady who is now helping other women transform their lives BEFORE major illness strikes.

Show Notes


Barbara, her partner and their beautiful rescue dog moved to Bunbury in August 2017. Like most people Bunbury’s mix of country feel and city opportunities got under their skin and they absolutely love it here.

“Living in Bunbury, doing what I love hardly feels like work, I still feel like I'm a kid on holidays!”

After more than 20 years as a Travel Consultant, 6 of those years running her own travel agency, Barbara decided to follow her heart and make a change to Holistic Wellness Coaching. She guides, educates and empowers women to uncover their own greatness in order for them to make the right choices when it comes to their wellbeing. She is so passionate about what she is does because of her own journey which started on her own path from illness to wellness after having a stroke at the age of 35, (10 years ago).

How to Be Well Within Your Business

Why do you think that personal wellness is so important to our business journey?

“I think it’s crucial, because without having an awareness of your own personal wellness, I really think your business is going to suffer, and if you’re not sleeping right, if you’re not eating right, if you’re doing all the things that you shouldn’t be doing, I don’t think you can be effective in your own business.”

When you’re in flow, as opposed to going with the flow that’s where the magic happens, within your business. When you’re in flow you’re doing things that are slightly challenging you but are also good for you as well.

Barbara Had a Stroke at 35 Years Old

All too often we can get caught up in what’s the latest fad is or what’s the latest things is. We listen to too many people and you lose touch with who you are or where your own personal wellness needs to be.

This became really apparent to Barbara 10 years ago when she had a stroke at the age of 35. She had misdiagnosed headaches for about six to eight weeks. It’s amazing how your body can give you those little signals and she knew instinctively that something wasn’t right. Barbara said “It was very interesting, I learned a lot, and that’s really what got me into being a holistic wellness coach.”

Schedule Your Work Day

Dedicate time in your work day and get out your calendar or your diary and block out time for wellness, exercise, eating correctly and schedule some downtime.

A calendar alarm is great reminder to do these things and it can be part of an organised mindset; you will know what your structure is for the day and you can get straight to it and be really productive. Otherwise we spend a lot of time doing busy work and sometimes it is just trying to work out what you need to do for the day.

“ Having a value of - I value my time just as much as I value my client's time that's really important and it's okay to put ourselves first.”

Barbara Cafagna’s Tips on How to Be Well Within Your Business!

  1. Looking at your values and make sure you are living them
  2. Making sure you have a space to work, both a work space and a mental space
  3. Blocking out time for specific tasks including exercise
  4. Maintaining good nutrition and hydration.

Listen in to hear Barbara’s amazing journey how she transitioned from a being Travel Consultant to a Wellness Coach and lessons learnt along the way on the Small Business Talk Podcast episode – How to Be Well Within Your Business!

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