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How Imposter Syndrome Could Be Holding Your Business Back with Katrina Alilovic

Show Notes

Today, we are talking to Dr Katrina Alilovic a counselling psychologist. Katrina is eternally curious, she likes her comfort zone but knows that outside the comfort zone is an important place to go for a life well lived.

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Katrina has a private practice in Mt Lawley, Western Australia with 25 years’ experience working alongside individuals, couples, children and families in Australia and the UK. She is now helping businesswoman overcome issues including imposter syndrome and relationship difficulties.

Katrina coaching practice focuses on supporting ambitious women to get out of their own way to discover what they want and to develop a plan to reach their goals. She thoroughly enjoys going from being the go to person for resolving emotional situations to helping people and organisations develop and reach their potential.

She undertook her studies at Curtin University (Perth, Western Australia) completing the Master of Psychology (Counselling) in 1995 and has since worked in a variety of settings including police services, workplace counselling, health, private practice, universities and not-for-profit organisations. Her time in the UK saw her work with bereaved families and take on teaching roles with the University for the West of England (Bristol) and Roehampton University (London).

Katrina is a registered Psychologist with AHPRA*, and adheres to the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics, as adopted by AHPRA.*Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

She is working on developing her creative side (her two young daughters help with this as they have the crafting craze) and bringing mindfulness into her day.

Enjoy episode 23 of the Small Business Talk Podcast with Katrina Alilovic.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

“Imposter syndrome is a fancy way of referring to self-doubt. It is self-doubt on steroids. A complex web of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that have the sole outcome of keeping your small, unsure and anxious”

There are 3 aspects to Impostor Syndrome

    • Feel
      You feel like you are a phony, that you don’t have the skills, talents, knowledge or experience to be able to achieve a certain outcome.
    • You attribute your success to external factors

Rather than owning your success, celebrating your achievements; you put it onto something or someone else.
For example:
You got lucky
Someone was kind to you etc

    • Fear of being discovered

Someone is going to find me out.
I’m only winging it.
I will just do one more before someone finds me out.
“I am a fraud I will be found out soon”

How to Tackle Impostor Syndrome?

Get clear on what you want to achieve.
What your purpose, what’s your values.
Get really clear and knowing yourself.

There is a great deal of value in knowing what it is that you are working towards so that all the things you put effort into line up with your values and purpose. That way you will be able to limit being pulled in too many directions or putting yourself into situations where you are not skilled and constantly in that learner mode.

Be Mindful of Your Self Talk

Get inside your head and be mindful of the ways that you talk to yourself. The conversations that you are having with yourself. Don’t self-sabotage yourself before you start. Don’t dimension yourself with your self talk.

I am JUST a  . . . .  graphic designer.

No, you are a graphic designer.

Impostor Syndrome is Not Being Humble

Impostor syndrome is not humility. You can be someone who is not a big self-promoter but impostor syndrome is the negative critic that is insidious and accumulative. If allowed it to continue or grow the internal negative critic can be quite debilitating on you and your business.

Who Are You Listing to – Your Feedback

“I only accept and pay attention to feedback from people who are also in the arena. If you're occasionally getting your butt kicked as you respond, and if you're also figuring out how to stay open to feedback without getting pummeled by insults, I'm more likely to pay attention to your thought about my work. If, on the other hand, you're not helping, contributing, or wrestling with your own gremlins, I'm not at all interested in your commentary.”

Are You Always Looking for Permission?

Katrina has a free eBook our Small Business Talk listener to find out why you are struggling and how to break free of your imposter syndrome – From Imposter to Authority

Don’t let the imposter inside of you drain you of your life force and affect your business. Playing small in life and business is not what you want for others so don’t accept it for yourself. Give yourself permission.

Listen to Katrina on episode 023 of the Small Business Talk Podcast with Katrina Alilovic for all her tips and stop the regret and hours spent doubting yourself.

Tips to Going Single Touch Payroll

  1. Talk to your BAS Agent or Accountant.
  2. Do your research they are a lot of software systems available.
  3. Look at the low-cost options listed on the ATO website. This list is probably a little bit overwhelming that, maybe just pick one or two and start looking into those and see how they’re going to be a good fit for you.

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Contact Gemma Heaney at HBG Tax & Accounting or phone on 08 9594 1963


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