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24 Business Tips for Coaches: Part 1

Show Notes

In 2023, I shared 23 marketing tips. You guys have been asking me to do something like that again, so today, we’re going to share 24 business tips. I thought I’d expand on this a bit. This will be part one of a three-part series. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Talk to Your Ideal Audience

Make sure that you are talking to that one person, that you are hitting that dartboard right in the middle so that you’ve got the most chance, even if it ricochets a bit, you still going to get pretty close to it.

So think of that one person as your best friend, your BFM. What would they like? Is that going to resonate with them? Make sure that you’re really hitting the mat with your messaging and getting really clear. So I’ve done lots of different episodes on that, but in particular, look at Episode 243: The Rule of 1, went quite in-depth in that one.

Should I be expanding my audience question? I get asked a lot, so check that one out. And Episode 194: How to add value to your customers. Because what we get paid is about value. It’s not about price. You see that all the time with people driving really flash cars. You can’t see that the value of those cars are so much more than the average car, but they often pay huge prices and lots of other things.

So value definitely equals price. So check those out. All right.

2. Market Your Business Effectively

Should you be talking to everyone? Well I think I’ve already made a conclusive case that you shouldn’t. So now that you’ll got your ideal person, how can you talk to them? How can you get that message really clear so that you are that category of one?

Apple has done that so well. You’re either an Apple person or you’re an Android person. And the two don’t mix. Do that. Very rarely did I swap over because Apple has done it so very well and to some extent Samsung, but not as much. So be that category one be the only choice for your person. Make sure that they understand that you know what their problem is and you’re the one to solve it.

And that can make it so much easier when you’re trying to do your messaging and talking to them. And even your coaching gets easier because you’re talking to the similar sort of people with the same sort of problems. You know, that giant had this problem and this is how she solved it. Or she tried this different thing. So when you’re coaching, that can be those powerful questions that you need to help to get your participants or your clients to the answers they need.

3.Create a Great Customer Experience

What is the little things that we’re doing? So there is one of my superfans and has now become a friend. She does gift baskets and not just average gift baskets. Gift baskets from a particular region. So, shout out to Jackie from Margaret River to you. They’re amazing. They have these great products in them. And quite often she hand delivers them. So, then you know what the customer is getting.

And they feed it back to her. So it’s amazing the things that they tell her. And you get that feedback. Now, obviously she can’t do that all over the world. But even those baskets being that little bit different shows the customer that you care. So, what is it you can do a little bit differently? Can you make their payment easier?

Can you give them homework? You know, give them homework that might be a thing. Making it easy for busy people who don’t want home with this. Lots of things that you can do in that customer journey and making sure that their experience with you is the best possible. And that also adds to the value which can help you price.

So for customer service, look at Episode 238: How People Buy. Nobody wants to be sold to that icky salesman thing. Nobody wants that. But we all want the choice to buy. And especially when we are looking to buy. You’ve heard me say the fridge analogy. A lot of times the fridge broke down just as I was about to head away on holidays.

4. Update Your Website

If you’ve listened to any of my podcasts you know that that’s where I started. That is my passion. You cannot build a house on a rented land. Well, not if you don’t own the land, of course. So a lot of people put a lot of their business into social media, and then the rules change and your history. So recently Pinterest has changed their advertising rules. So, people that have had right particularly weight loss businesses in Pinterest suddenly overnight, they can’t do it anymore.

So make sure that you have a really solid website. Websites are great because then people can go back to them. They can search. It doesn’t matter what platform it’s on. As long as you’ve got that domain, you can move it around. But be careful with the all in one platform. If you are needing to move it, because quite often in those situations you will actually have to start again.

So let’s look at Episode 182:  5 ways to get organic traffic to your website. And Episode 171: Is it worth investing in a web design for your website? And Episode 169: Why should I spend money on a website that’s not bringing me leads? Generally, it means that there is a problem. So definitely check that out. And the website really needs to be the hub of your business.

What’s the first thing that most people do when they’re looking for a business? They either go to essentials or they go to Google on variations of. And then they check out your website. And there’s very few serious businesses that don’t have a website. So even if you’re just starting out, if you’ve got a small website that dumps you out of that hobby stage, it really does cement you.

5. Plan Your Social Content

You might think I don’t like social media. Well, you’d be wrong. Social media is free for the most part. It is part of your marketing suite, but it shouldn’t be your only marketing. So, using that is education.

Using it sometimes to sell, but not all the time. Good mix. Making sure that people can hear you say you feel you digitally? Of course. And think about how confident you are about putting things out there. If you wouldn’t tell your grandmother in the middle of a shopping center or a mall, then do not put it on social media, because even delete doesn’t mean it has been deleted.

So just be a little bit careful with what you’re putting out there. We all know when too much it’s too much. So depending on your personality, the filter you use might be different to others. But make sure that you’re doing it in a way that works for your business and your customers. If you’re going out after particularly conservative customers, then obviously you might need to be thinking about how conservative you want to be.

If your customers like swearing, well, that’s great. If they don’t, well, you’re not going to attract them. So think about what works for you as a person who is authentic. Then, what works for your customer will be discussed. And by planning it out, that’s really easy.

6. Leverage The Power of Video

Yes I know you don’t like video. I don’t particularly like it either although I am getting better at it. But it is far easier to cut that customer journey when they can hear you and see you.

And it’s very difficult. Well, it’s getting easier now with AI, but it’s generally not as easy to not be authentic on video. So, making sure that you are leveraging the video, if you really stuck, you cannot do the talking head, the face to face then do it as a slideshow presentation and then use your voice. That’s not as good, but it’s still video.

You can put photos together to make a slideshow and turn that into video once again. Not as good, but it is using those algorithms for the video. So, the more you can do it, the more you practice, the better you’re going to be and the more comfortable you’re going to be. So please do think about adding video and leveraging it.

Now you can repurpose it. So, like now this goes onto YouTube as well. So, we’ve got a long form video. But then we can cut it up and use it as well. You can also repurpose. So generally, they say about 43 days and people forget what your content is. So, you can repurpose that. You can just literally repost it.

You can use it between the different platforms. Cut it into snippets. Have some long form. Lots of things you can do with video. So please, please, please do try to get over your fear and use video. And so that brings us to the first suggestion for this section, which is Episode 232 : The Psychology of Fear.  Check that one out. And Episode 147: How are you showing up? And Episode 131 : Are you inspiring? Nothing worse than having a boring visit on video. You need to be inspiring and you’ll learn once you get on to video that you have to be a bit more animated. So that one I was putting my hands up and being very animated.

7. Set Your Goals and Strategically Implement Them

So it’s all very great to have all these different things. But if you don’t know where you’re going you don’t know the destination. Then it’s really hard for you to set a goal. So set a goal. So, a lot Smart goals, which are a measurable.

But I was listening to a podcast by Brendan Burchard the other day and he was talking about dumb goals. So that was really interesting. And he was talking about making them much bigger and dreaming about them and not being able to actually set a Smart goal because you don’t know how you’re going to get there. You don’t know what time frame it’s going to be in.

And it’s definitely not measurable at this point. So, whether you’re setting a dumb goal or a Smart goal, you just need to set a goal and you need to start breaking down those to chunks so that you can get an idea. So dreaming is great, but if you’re not actioning it and you don’t know where you’re going, then it’s going to be really difficult to make that happen.

All right. So the episodes for that one will be Episode 239 : The key to your coaching success. We want you to have a thriving business. You want to have a thriving business. So let’s start working on those goals to get you to the key to your coaching success. And also Episode 237 : How to manage and remove negative beliefs? Because we are our worst enemies, and we have these sneaky little things that stop us doing things.

And sometimes they really hard to uncover. Which is exactly why you need a coach as well. So something that might be stuck is I don’t have a community. Well, we all have to start somewhere. So don’t be afraid of starting small. Just little belief. You wouldn’t believe how that can stop somebody. So don’t let it stop you. And then check out Episode 129 :  Failing ahead of time.

So that’s a famous one by Brooke Castillo. She always says that don’t fail before you’ve even started. And that quite often is not starting, not dreaming, not doing it. You know that you want to be an author, that you don’t actually write, or you start writing, but it’s still on your computer or you don’t get it edited. Three years later, this fantastic book is still there. That’s filing ahead of time. So check that one out because that is a great episode.

8. Invest In Cybersecurity and Train Your Team

Make sure that you are investing in cybersecurity prevention. Now there’s two episodes there. And they are both great episodes by Caitriona Forde. She’s an amazing lady here, a local in Western Australia and she does great things with cyber security and helps businesses to prevent attacks. Because one of the things that you may not realize is that most cyber security attacks are done by people. So, I don’t mean the people that is sending it. I mean you clicking on a link or sending a text or looking at something and going to a website that’s not safe.

Quite often they are tricky. This is so very clever. And you click on it and before you know it, something’s happened. And quite often you can sit there for a little while. So it’s not even actionable between the time that somebody clicks on it to the event. So, it could be a sleeper, one that it’s safe for a while and then suddenly it is not.

It could be more instantaneous. So, the two episodes you need to check out are 1. Episode 202 :  How The Human Element Of Cybersecurity Could Be Affecting Your Business and Episode 085: What are the Real Cyber Risks For Small Businesses? So a long way back but definitely is still relevant. And you might think it’s not going to happen to me I’m all good.

But unfortunately, it can and I think it’s like 70% or even more of businesses that have cyber-attacks do not recover. You do not want to be in that. And like I said, it might be even more. I’m pretty sure the stats are on one of those podcasts. So, check it out. So you don’t want to have a cyber security attack. You don’t want to have to try and recover it because many businesses don’t. So making sure that you do have those backups – it’s very important.


24 Business Tips for Coaches: Part 1

So this will be part one of three. So I look forward to doing 9 to 16 next week.

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