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5 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website With Cathy Smith

Show Notes

Recently I attended an event where I was a guest speaker and talked about how to get traffic to your website without paying for ads, and I thought I would share it here as well. Creating an organic presence for your business website means that you stand out amongst the crowd, both to Google and to your ideal audience.

1. SEO Articles Create Value

Google loves it when there are lots of words on your website, and people love it when your content is valuable to them. This means that creating articles that answer your audience’s questions within your niche are amazing when it comes to getting engagement and organic traffic onto your business website. Blogs, directories and guest articles go a long way.

2. Create Short Videos

At the moment everyone is loving Instagram Reels, they love YouTube shorts, and they love TikTok. You can capitalise on this by linking back to your website when you post a short video, and you can also embed the video into your website for another way to keep your audience looking.

3. Social Media Marketing Works

There are lots of people on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and they can be a great source of organic traffic to get to your website once you have their attention. However, you should avoid directly linking your website in posts because social media tends to limit engagement on direct links; they don’t want people leaving their website.

4. Do Emails Still Work?

Email is still a great source to speak with your ideal audience. The people who have accepted emails from you have already expressed interest in your business, so if you can keep in touch with them through stories, offers and more on email, you can link them back to your website.

5. Is Offline Marketing Viable?

Physical mail has actually become a point of difference because everything is online these days. If you are the only one sending letters to your audience, you stand out amongst the crowd! Don’t forget to put your website on your business card as well.

Tips to Elevate Your Business Website with Small Business Talk, Hosted by Cathy Smith

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