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Should I Expand My Audience?

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We all need new audiences. We have got our qualifications and now we’re a coach. Are you trying to sell to your friends? Are you trying to sell to the people you knew in corporate or in your other jobs? Are they your ideal customers? Are they the people that are going to propel your business?

Here are some strategies to grow your coaching audience beyond your circle.

Show Your Worth

Now, we’ve talked a lot about nation. And nation is really, really important. But remember, you’ve got to start somewhere, but starting with your friends and telling them you’ve got this fantastic business opportunity, come see me or “I can’t tell you anything about it until you come and talk to me. “Sounds a lot like an MLM, doesn’t it? Now, this is not wrong. Email names are good. Some products are really good but it’s the way they sell their business opportunity and that’s not the way that we should be selling code. We’re not an email. We all have fantastic skills. A lot of us are certified. Some of us even have gone to ICC for the International Coaching Federation or higher.

Remember, you need to be authentically you, but you also need to be solving your customers problems, helping them get the value that they need and making sure that you’re telling them articulating it. So yes, you can do discovery calls and you don’t have to tell them what the price is straight up, because sometimes that is a value match and you’ve got to show them the value first.

But don’t be that icky sticky. I can’t tell you anything about it until you come talk to me. If somebody outright asks you the price, if they really want to know the data, tell them. But you can always suggest that it be a really good opportunity for you to come on a free discovery call, if that’s what you offer.

Getting New Audiences

You really need to be expanding outside of your current network and how can you do that? That is the million-dollar question. But here are some suggestions.

Follow Podcast

Podcasting bang on somebody else’s podcast is a fantastic way to get you in front of other people and to get you in front of their audiences and to get you in front of an audience who already like the podcast host.

Now you’ve got to be picky and cheesy, obviously, because you want an audience that is going to suit you. You also want to pick a podcast that is part of your ethics and beliefs. If you’re a square, then going on a podcast this way is fine. But if you’re not, then that’s probably not going to get you the audience you want. So when you’re thinking about going on a podcast, make sure that that fits in with your niche. That doesn’t have to be exact, of course, but getting cross. So, if your name is in the fitness industry, there would be no point going on a race car podcast, for instance.

Personalise Newsletter

Do you have a newsletter? Do you have a way to contact the people that have shown interest? Are you sending them out an email regularly? Now we think we don’t want to bother them. We don’t want to get in their face. But if they’ve only had one contact with you, will they actually remember who you are?

They’ve clicked on maybe an ad that took them to a late magnet or something. They’ve been able to download a PDF, something like that. Maybe they got busy and they didn’t actually go open it. They really wanted it and it looked like good value. But the phone rang or the children came in or the partner. All the work thing, all the side hustle, you know, we all get busy.

All those other things happen. So if you are not in contact with them, maybe they’ll forget you that it made you. Of course. And it might be just that one time that they get that email that they’ve got that exact problem that you’re solving. Doesn’t have to be huge. Doesn’t have to be long. Just add a couple of value.

Blog Post

If you’re doing a blog post, you could put a snippet of that in and then send them to your website. Great to be engaging traffic and getting that to your website. If you’ve read a book or maybe an article, maybe you’ve been researching something and it came up.

The point here is to make sure that you are keeping in constant contact with them because that’s important. They need to know that you’re there and they need to know that you can help them. You’ve got that solution. You’ve got the expertise. You talk the way they talk, the messaging on power, all of those kinds of things.

Hold a Workshop

So a great way to get in front of people is to hold a workshop. Yes, you can do it online. But if you’re looking to work with business owners or people in your local geographical area, having an in-person workshop can be a real cut through. Not many people do it these days, so doing that can be huge and can make such a difference to people.

So thinking about what kind of things can you do? Maybe go a bit old school. Maybe even do a letterbox drop a plant pamphlet drop to people in your area? How many things do we get in the mailbox these days? How many things are interesting? You might still get the odd auto if you haven’t put those online, but we don’t get a lot of interesting email.

So what can you do to make it interesting? Can you put it in an envelope and put a paper clip in it or something that just makes it stick up a little bit just so it’s got that interest factor so that you can then potentially have them open it? Can you invite them to something? If you’ve written a book, is it a book launch? Could it be just an afternoon tea? Could it be an information session? What is it that you could invite them to? Is it a little snippet? Could it be a 30 minute meditation if you’re a health coach? Could it be a free session to the gym if you’re a gym or a fitness coach?

What is it that you can offer them that’s maybe a little bit different to what everybody else is doing at the moment?


Beyond Your Circle, Strategies to Grow Your Coaching Audience

There are many different opportunities that you can have there to expand your audience to grow your coaching business. You need to get in front of people. You need to ask for the sale. You need to tell them that you’ve got things to offer. So making sure that you are giving them an opportunity to try it, to get that value, to see how you talk, to see how you coach and what your systems are like, and then you never know.

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