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What Should I Post on Social Media

Show Notes

2 weeks ago, we discussed when to post on social media. Lots of people really liked this episode so if you haven’t listen to it, go back to Episode #070 and check it out.

Here is a bit of a recap to get you started.

We talked about how many different experts had different options on when you should post.

  • Mari Smith – 5-6 post a week, including weekends
  • Neil Patel – every second day or daily on bigger pages
  • Brenda Burchard – 5 times a day
  • Louise Myers – 3 times a week

Each expert has their own opinion based on their experience and you should base your posting frequency on your page data too.

Test and Measure see what frequency works for your page. If you are getting engagement on your posts and you can consistently keep up that amount of posting, then keep doing it.

If your engagement is dead on a certain day of the week, then stop posting on that day or try a different type of post.

What Should I Post?

Content to post on social media depends on a few things:

  1. Your Audience
  2. Your Business Type
  3. Which social Media Platform

Ask your audience what type of posts they would like. See what is working for your competitors or similar businesses in other geographical areas.

Go a Facebook Ads Library and see what posts people are putting money behind. Google Search can also help you see what other businesses are doing.

Now, don’t steal other people’s content. Use it for ideas and inspiration.

Have a Social Media Plan

Use a social media plan, there are lots of different spread sheets available. Then plan out the types of content that you can use.

For example, if you are posting 7 times a week and you are a hair dresser or beautician, you can do

  1. Frequently Asked Question
  2. Before and After
  3. Tips
  4. Inspiring Quote
  5. Friday Funny
  6. Ask a Question
  7. Share a Product Post/Article
  8. Mindful Mondays
  9. Wisdom Wednesday

Now that could be 1 per day or several over 3 or 4 days. If you are comfortable say something about yourself as well. It could be about your hobby or something that you like to do.

If you have staff, you could have staff member of the week/month. Customer of the week/month. Product or theme for the week/month.

Then there are all the special days. Start with Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Special Holidays etc. Then go to the other ones like thank a Leader Day, Happy Chocolate Day, World X Day. You could even make your own special day.

What Should I Post?

If you are really stuck for content, go to Google Search under images or news. News is really great to share out comment on relevant news items and create discussion especially if it is related to your business or city.

Remember that social media is social – you want to have a conversation with people. The more people get to know you, the more trust you will build, the more likely they are too buy from you.

Attention Span

Our attention span is smallest than a gold fish now which is really sad. Now, we need 20-30 touch points before making a buying decision. Make sure you are consistently posting so that they stay top of mind

What Should I Post on Social Media?

Use some or all of the idea we have discussed here today and test and measure – see what works for your audience, your tribe, your people and your business.

Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 072 for the full episode.

What Should I Post on Social Media?

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