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Social Media Tips for 2022

Show Notes

Social Media is an ever-changing beast. Whether you love it or hate it, in one form or other it is here to stay and a very powerful business tool.

No matter which platform you choose they all have 2 things in common:

  • Community
  • Real Interaction


Community has been the buzz word for 2021 and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. When you think about it, we have lived in families and communities for our entire history. We are social beings and thrive on interaction. Even the most introverted person needs some sort of community.

Community goes even further to now be linked with happiness and our sense of wellbeing. With the year of lockdown and restricted social access in 2021, it is little wonder that people turned to online to fulfill their community needs.

Real Interaction

In our fast pace digital world, hacking, fake profiles and a distorted sense of reality runs rampant. Digital disconnect is a large and ongoing issue for many people and businesses too that is why real interactions are sort out.

Working in the social media space for more than 10 years now with CATCO Enterprises we have seen a shift back to “real”. Overly polished, perfectly scripted, styled videos never do as well as a handheld spare of the moment – “just popped in to tell you . . .” video with heartfelt content.

We want real.

Trust is built on making the connection and that could be me/mine or yes, I trust you and think/hope you can help me.

Giving behind the scenes, before & afters, team members, your actual products, customers using your products etc are what makes difference to a lot of people.


  1. Newsletters and polls are the ‘hot new thing’ and will increase your reach.
  2. Sharing a link in the comments with a mobile device will make it show a preview image on all devices.
  3. Don’t edit your posts within the first few hours of posting.
  4. Never post the first comment on your own post.
  5. Respond to every comment.


  1. Monitor your insights regularly to see what’s working and what isn’t.
  2. Respond to every comment.
  3. Produce videos and lives when you can because Facebook loves video.
  4. Prioritise Groups sharing.


  1. Utilise the various Instagram ‘Stickers’ available in Stories (Links, Replies, Questions)
  2. Collaborate on Instagram Reels
  3. Post relatable/shareable content
  4. Use Instagram Carousels
  5. Remember to try Story Highlights

No One Has Time For That!

2022 we are still going to continue to be time poor as we see how the new variants of COVID affect the world, travel, and business. More than ever, we want quick.

Video needs to be short.

Unless it is on YouTube and educational in nature, we want our videos to be short and to the point. We won’t watch just any story they have to be entertaining and engaging. Multiple videos can work well if they are really engaging, especially on stories.

Some are predicting that in 2022 we might be more respective to slightly longer video content with reels pushing out to 60 seconds and TikTok now 3 minutes, so watch this space.

Reels are certainly a great way to extend your reach and increase your audience.


Off the back of community in 2021 we are seeing more and more collaboration. Businesses cross promoting each other, networking groups strengthening relationship and complementary businesses working together.


Making real connections is going to continue into 2022. If you would not do it in real life don’t do it on your socials.

Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Social Media Tips for 2022

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