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Irresistible Offer

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You’re busy. I’m busy. Everybody’s busy. But are we doing the right work or are we just doing busy work? Are we filling our days with things that might be good? Might be not, but they’re not actually moving the needle. What are you doing? Are you moving the needle on your business owner today and not talk to you about the irresistible offer?

Right offer at The Right Time

I live in south west Western Australia, right down the bottom of the world, and we’ve been in a heat wave recently. So I was driving from Perth to Albany, a distance of about 450 acres-ish or maybe a bit more. It’s about four and a half hours drive anyway, and it was hot. It was 40 degrees, 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

And I needed to have a rest stop, a toilet stops. And in between, there’s not a lot of really nice toilet stops but there’s a little town called Weems, and it has truck stops. And one particular truck stop shout out to the BP truck stop. And Williams is really nice. They set up Scott, nice toilets, nice facilities. So when I’m driving that route, I always try to stop there.

And because I’m using their facilities, I feel obligated to buy something for their business. On the way out is a fridge, and in the fridge are ice creams. Now, I’m not a lovely girl. I’m definitely a chocolate girl. I love ice cream, especially on a hot day. When I’m at home, I generally don’t like to pay too much for ice cream. If they’re full price now, I will not be interested and will wait for them to be on special.

So it’s a hot day. I’m coming out of the toilets and sees ice cream fridge. I just grab an ice cream. I don’t even look at the price. I’m not interested in the price. I go up to the counter. I said, I’m a lovely girl, but when I’m driving, I do sometimes need that sugar hits. I buy a sticker lollies and an ice cream.

I don’t even look at price. Hand over my credit card, walk off, eat my ice cream in the shade. Happy I paid 7.30 for that stick of lollies and ice cream and I was ecstatic. It was the right place, the right offer to the right customer. Now I’ve probably walked past that fridge three or four times before, but it wasn’t a hot day. I wasn’t looking for an ice cream at that day. Everything clicked. It was that irresistible offer. How do you make that for your clients? How do you make it so they think that “See, here is this double offer. That’s the question. Would you like the answer? The first thing you got to think about is the audience who were you talking to?

Find Your Targeted Audience

So that’s what you need to think about first is your audience.

Are you talking to everybody or are you just talking to you? That one ideal person, if you listened back to the episode we did with Paul Bryan, Small Business Talk For Coaches Episode 226, he was talking about just having one client and then multiplying those clients. So you just think about that one person, that ideal person, and then you think about two of those people and then for those people I do those people, etc., etc..

But every time you do any messaging, every time you do anything, it will resonate with that person. And it’s really good to name that person. Some people like to have a whole description of them, put them up on their noticeboard, put them on their phone, whatever works for you. But think about that person. So let’s call that person Sam.

So would Sam liked the ice cream? Would Sam walk past the fridge? Would Sam do this? Would Sam do that? So when you’re thinking of your offer, is it going to work for Sam? Does Sam have the money? Are you actually articulating it so that Sam can understand that you are the solution?

Think About the Problem

What is it that that makes him buy? What is it that they have that burning desire that they need to face? So, mine was ice cream. Now, did I know why I wanted an ice cream before I walk in the shop? Now, was I going in the shop to buy an ice cream? Now, did I know I was hot? Yes. Did I know that? Maybe I want to wait. I actually hadn’t had lunch that day. Probably, but everything clicked when I saw that cold fridge. So sometimes we don’t even know what our problem is as a client. So sometimes we need to have that stimulus, that messaging that put in front of us.

How often have you bought something from maybe a video you didn’t specifically know you had the problem, but you’re going through your face. Suddenly you see this video and you’re right. It’s something you really want to do. You end up watching half an hour video and pressing click at the end. Were you on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or whatever?

Looking for that product? Probably not. Did you have the need? Probably. Did you know you had the need? Probably not. So that’s what we need to be doing for our customers, is letting them know that they have a need, letting them know that we are the solution.

Offer A Solution

Make sure that you’re articulating it in a way that they can easily understand. So the ice cream, it didn’t have to say anything to me. It was just a clear fridge where I could see in it. So what is your clear fridge? What is the way that you can show your solution, is it a five day challenge? Is it an email sequence?

Is it a paid ad, the rounding off a video? What is your solution and how can you tell your customers about your solution? So that’s really important because you may have the best solution in the world, but if nobody knows about it, how are they going to buy? How often have you seen somebody and you’ve got that little bit of envy and, I could have done that. I could have done that so much better. You’re talking to your ideal client and they’re just engaged. I coach, they’ve just bought a course. They’ve just bought the book, They just bought whatever and you think are validated now. And I was there 5 minutes earlier, so how can you tell them that then you need to be out and make an offer.

You need to have something for them to buy. Says No point getting your audience right, telling them what their problem is, telling them they have a solution, and then you just can’t find that buy button. Or you’ve got a feeling this really long, complicated form, or you’ve got to sit through a discovery session or multiple things that have to happen before you buy.

Make Your Offer Less Complicated

It’s amazing how many things they appear in your head, but you forget and going to marketing workshops or going to workshops in your industry sometimes just bring slides to the fore. Anyway, this lady was talking about Facebook ads and she was talking about how just little tweaks had made to conversion.

She was running these ads for chiropractor and they were running them back to a landing page. In the landing page, it basically repeated the ad. It had all this information and then right in the very was click more, buy now, book an appointment. And it obviously wasn’t converting. So, what they did was they got rid of all the other stuff and just had one here.

The image, was a big image at the top, and they put two buttons:  book consultant or ask more questions. Both of them actually went to a very similar form. It just had their name, their phone number and the email address. It didn’t have a long, complicated form. It didn’t say, “Do you want Monday or Friday or Thursday or Wednesday or this time or that time while this consultant or that consultant or this car?

All it said was name, phone number and an email address. So, what happened from there was the receptionist then rang it. Hey, Cathy, I see you filled in this form. You’d like to go to the car. What time would you like? What day would you like? We’ve got this appointment or that appointment. But now they’re actually talking to a person.

So not only have they got that first contact and I know that there’s actually somebody there and they know that I can help them. If they’ve got any questions, I can answer it on the spot. Now, obviously, that situation’s not going to work for anybody, but it reduces that barrier of entry. It made it so much easier for people to be able to do that.


Irresistible Offer

You need to make it easy for people to buy. That’s why you see these offers where you buy something at a small price and then there’s the upsell, and then there’s the big one. Don’t make it difficult for them. How often on consultations do we start talking our clients out of it? Sometimes less is best, so don’t overcomplicated it. Don’t give them this bonus in that bonus and every other bonus because all I wanted was just the consultation. All I wanted was you to solve their problem. They don’t want it to be overwhelming.

Coach, you are a great coach. You can do this one client at a time. One message. Get it clear now, if you like this sort of content, if you’ve been listening to the podcast at all, you know that I’ve got my book out. Coaches Marketing Roadmap. This is chapter seven. Check it out until next week.

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