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Simplify For Growth with Cathy Smith and Paul Bryan

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Paul Bryan is the Head Coach of Action and Intent, specialising in coaching support businesses in the disability and aged care services sector. With 7 years of coaching experience, including 3 focused on the NDIS, Paul is passionate about empowering Australia’s most vulnerable by improving the businesses that support them.

KISS Principle

We quite often get caught up in with coaching – all we want to do is to think about the wellbeing and the need to help that forget that we are running businesses and they need to be profitable businesses, not just expensive hobbies. Some coaches may think it as an expensive hobby at some point.  But with the simplicity of growth will let us realise that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Keep it simple, stupid or KISS, because it’s easy to overcomplicate things when you’re trying to grow and make new things happen. Keep it as simple as possible, like solving someone’s problem, not everyone’s problem.

Coaching Tips for You

Here are some tips that particularly our coaching audience can start thinking about when they want to grow their profitable businesses.

Be Simple And Don’t Overcomplicate Things

When we see guru coaches doing all this really cool flashy stuff, sometimes you would try to emulate them in what they were doing and it just became an absolute toss where it was. Trying to imitate people who are doing, $100,000 a month, $1,000,000 a month when you are still working with just a handful of clients can be horrible and useless. Just be a lot simpler in how you approach things. Simplicity is important. Scale back and you where you are right now, don’t try to hard to imitate what others are doing. Just stick in your lane and learning the things that are at your level is very, very important

Don’t be Everything to Everyone

Don’t try and be everything to everyone. In fact, one of the most important things you can be celebrate is to actually find even just one client. Do not go and find 50 clients more. Let’s go and find one client and solve their problems. Do that and you will realise that are multiples of that one client around, right? So finding the one client was absolutely imperative. 

When you want to expand, you try to be everything to everyone on all different platforms you know. This is just not a good idea. You can try doing it on one platform, just solving problems, having conversations, and you’ll be surprise to realise you are already growing a full-time business. So this is the idea. You’ve got to be everything and everyone and everywhere is just not actually doable.

Don’t Go Too Big

Naturally, you want to make it big with your systems and processes, trying to have all those fancy sales funnels and fantastic websites, looking polished all the time. The best thing you do is to keep it simple by being live twice a week on Facebook. You don’t have to be a fantastic public speaker – just go live on Facebook and just talked about the issues that that one client that you found was dealing with. You will show that you’ve solve the problem on Facebook and it could grow from there. When your business grow, that’s when you can start adding systems to make it easier.

Don’t Aim Perfection

Perfection is ever evolving. So who is that perfect client? But as we know, perfection is something that evolves. So in the beginning, we don’t know who is perfect, and it’s sometimes just a case of getting out there, getting that one person, helping that one person, and doing the very best you can for them as you grow. Then you can get your systems and sorted out and get it a bit more polished.

Start Slowly

You don’t need to get to the goal right away. Get the pushbike first, and then maybe the moped and then the car and maybe not the top of the range. Once your coaching business became a viable business, then get a really nice website. A single page website that you had before can now be a website now that actually converts and it attracts people.

The basic principle is to get rid of everything that was really distracting you from actually doing the work you are good at. Shiny objects way out of the shadows. Just get in front of the people, make them an offer, show them how you can help them and have a chat.

Collaboration is the Key

You might think that if you’re trying to work with a million people, hopefully those 5000 people might see you. Well, it doesn’t work that way. What if somebody else in your local area is doing exactly the same as what you do at work, these 5000 people? Can you actually service 5000 people in that amount of time? Because if truth be told, there’s definitely a lot of people out there that need exactly what you do. So let’s make the pie bigger for everybody so we can all have a bigger pace. Remember, different people have different needs and not everybody does all the services in one go. This is the reason why collaboration is important.

You have to communicate and collaborate. Find other people that are doing what you are doing so you can refer to them because not everybody’s going to like what you do. If they don’t want what you are offering, you can refer them to someone you know who does what they actually want.

Build a community and have a group around them that they want. Do not worry about competition at all. Focus on working together because if you are doing your best, if your name is right, then there is no competition at all. So, it’s just a matter of actually having that really, really clear point that you stand out at.



Simplify For Growth with Cathy Smith and Paul Bryan

You can’t be perfect at what you do and it’s okay. It wasn’t perfect for you, but it was probably perfect for your ideal client. A lot of people think that their message is too simple. Well it might be but that’s the message that matters. Because remember, your clients don’t know what you know. It might sound simple but it is the most important message you can ever deliver.

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