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Why Should I Spend Money When My Website Doesn’t Bring in Leads?

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If your website is not working for your business, you are not alone. Most business websites don’t work for the business.

Some are nicely built others are old and outdated but they all have one thing in common . . .

They don’t bring in leads.

Your Website Should Make You Money

Full stop, end of story!

Unfortunately for many people, it is not that easy.

I am not just talking about eCommerce websites, online shopping, and websites where you can buy products or services from. I am also talking about business websites, probably your website.

Does Your Website Work for Your Business?

There are so many beautiful websites out there that just don’t work.

Websites have many layers, not just the forward-facing design you see when you first land on a website.

Customer Journey

Firstly, let’s think about the journey you are trying to take your customer on.

Why have they come to your website?

  • What is the need or pain point that they are trying to find a solution to?
  • Can you provide that solution?
  • Are you showing them you have the answer?
  • Are you speaking in a language they can understand and resonate with?

Websites need to be clear and concise and address the primary need of your ideal audience.

A Confused Mind Will Never Buy

Secondly, is your messaging clear, are you showing that you are the expert?

If your website is not conveying trust, authority and knowledge your prospects will bounce back out and go to another website, to where they feel their needs will be met.

Do you have a competitor that is doing better than you? Is it because they know more or is it because they can communicate their knowledge better? Often your website is a large piece in the communication, what does yours say about you?

Business Websites That Don’t Work

Business websites that don’t work fall into 3 categories

  1. Not enough information
  2. Too much information
  3. Google can’t find them

Minimal designs look great but unfortunately create more questions than answers when your prospect has come to see if you are the solution to their problem.

Think about your own searching habits. When you are looking for an answer, you want it now not having to go to 4 different pages because there is so little information on each.

There is a time and place for beautiful designs and getting to the important information as quickly as possible is what your audience is looking for. Our attention spans are so limited these days if we are sent down a long winding path, we will often get distracted and head off in another direction before we have taken more than a few steps. In the digital world, that means you will lose the prospect never to have them return.

How to Make Your Website Work for Your Business

Start with a clear intention.

What is the problem that you are solving?

Make sure you tell your audience what the problem is.

Then you can tell them the answer.

As funny as it may seem often the audience doesn’t know what the problem is. It’s like going to the doctor, we know we have symptoms, things that are bothering us, causing pain but we don’t know what the issue is. Your clients are the same.

If you can articulate what their actual problem is. What is causing the issues and then show them the solution your website has done its job and will really work for you.

Get to The Point Quickly

Speed is of the essence in our busy world. When you watch a movie that is going really well and then it starts to drag on and on and on, the movie goes from being great to boring. Get to the point.

Yes, some people are analytical and what lots of detail, but most are not. Even your analytic people won’t go down the rabbit hole of information unless they think it will solve their problem and they are pretty sure that you are the solution.

A good website will have multiple ways of answering their questions. Always start by defining the problem and getting to the answer as quickly as possible then you can add extra layers of detail.

Social Proof

People will also believe what other people say about you first before they will believe you. Make sure you have social proof, reviews, testimonials and other people saying how great your products or services are.

If Your Website Is Not Making You Money

Start by looking at whether people can actually find your website. Is it being listed in search?

If your website is not on page 1 of Google for the search term you are looking for it is very unlikely that many people will find it without being directed from another source.

Many people do really well with their websites that are not listed in search, think of landing pages. To do this they have to send traffic another way which can often be from paid ads.

If your website is not making you money, then it is time to have a good look at it and determine why.

Is it your copy, the message?

The structure, the why it was built?

Is it old and doesn’t work on mobile devices?

There are many reasons why websites don’t work.

Is it Time to Spend Money on Your Website so That it Can Make Your Money?

Is it time to get some professional help?

If you would like a free audit of your website, go to CATCO Enterprises and let’s have a chat.

Why Should I Spend Money When My Website Doesn’t Bring in Leads? ​

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Why Should I Spend Money When My Website Doesn’t Bring in Leads

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