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Why Givers Earn 3 x More Than Takers With EA Csolkovits

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Our special guest is EA Csolkovits from the GIVERS University. GIVERS University was founded in 1991. It was envisioned as a place for like-minded GIVERS to connect with each other. Now with the ability to connect globally, either on-line, on-site, or on-campus, GIVERS University is a great way to join other members of the GIVERS University worldwide community. This is a community of GIVERS who have adopted the GIVERS Mindset, are living the GIVERS lifestyle, and are engaged in GIVERS lifelong learning.

Why Givers Earn Three Times More than Takers

Givers earn three times more because givers discern three times more. Think about the fires that you stomp out each day. Think about the times during the day when your stress level spikes and goes straight through the roof. Think about the conversations you have during the day, where at the end of the conversation, you barely remember what you talked about. What you do know is you have no more energy left as it has all been drained from you. We teach at GIVERS University how to separate the person who we love from their deeds, which we may not love, and then begin to discern and make decisions on who you should have in your life, or who you shouldn’t have in your life, based on observing certain aspects and deeds.

Identifying the deeds of a giver, taker and fencer

When identifying someone as a giver or a taker, you aren’t identifying the person, but their deeds. We have identified statistically that about 20% of the population are givers and 20% of the population are takers. When you put givers in any situation, whether it be family, business or social, in a short period of time they will begin to figure out a way to contribute, invest, help and will be the first one to step forward and say, “I’ll do that.” By contrast, the other side are takers. When you put a taker is any situation, in a short period of time they will begin to craft a way to take from it spiritually, mentally, morally, emotionally, financially. They’re wired that way.

That leaves 60% of people in the middle, we identify them as what we call fencers, because they sit on the fence. They act like givers when they’re with givers, they act like takers when they’re with takers. They can be great relationships, but we need to manage them closely. Ideally, we want to surround ourselves with exclusively givers, even though that’s a scenario that really is very, very difficult to do, and it takes years to develop those kinds of relationships.

Do Takers Always Know that they are Takers and do Givers Always Know that They are Givers?

When we begin teaching the skills set that we teach at GIVER University I use the example of when you’re getting ready to buy a green car, suddenly, you see all the green cars on the road. Our attention and our awareness weren’t focused on those green cars before, but now it is we notice them. Once aware of the deeds of a giver and taker, we pay attention to what people are doing, observe their deeds and commonalities. These commonalities were taught to me by my business mentor. Over two years, I interviewed over 1000 millionaires on my radio talk show and looked for those commonalities in the things that were common in their life, combined that with what my business mentor taught me for years, and that became the foundation of GIVERS University and what we teach.

There's Only Winners and Learners

We have the choice to learn and grow. Diamonds are always made under pressure, and many other things must be under pressure to perform and be made. Our lives become truly self-fulfilling prophecies because of freedom of choice. When we learn that we are self-fulfilling prophecies, then we begin to deliberately discern. With discernment, we control our thoughts and the things we’re thinking, and we modify them.



Why Givers Earn 3 x More Than Takers With EA Csolkovits

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Why Givers Earn 3 x More Than Takers

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