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Where Not How

Show Notes

Sometimes it’s quite hard to pick a topic. I was talking to some people this morning about it’s not a case of too little, it’s always too much which particular topic to pick. But this week it’s been really easy. Something that kids come up two or three times, lots of people are talking about.

It’s concentrating on the where, not the how. Now the how is important. But if you don’t know where you going, the how is going to stop you. And I’ve just recorded episode 237. So, yes, I’m ahead, which is amazing. And I had a special guest there and she was talking about limiting beliefs and the negative beliefs and how we stop ourselves and the how really can stop ourselves.

Let’s dive into this episode, focus on the destination, rethinking your route to success.

The How

So if you have made $1,000,000 in your business, then you know how you got there. So you can look back and see how you did it. But if you finally made 100,000 or you haven’t made any money in your business, getting to $1,000,000 can be quite difficult. And thinking of that now is probably what’s going to stop you.

But if you set that goal of the million dollars and then you just go for it. And yes, you do have to do things. You have to do the tactics and you have to try different things. But if you pick one particular how to work and that doesn’t work out, then you can try a different how and you can continue to do that.

But if you don’t know where you’re going and you’re just going down the road of that one particular, how it can be really tough if things don’t work out because you’ve got no guiding light, you don’t know where you’re going. You don’t know what that is that you want to do. So it’s interesting how we think about the how.

The Purpose Behind Every How

So it used to be that that how didn’t matter. If you go back to when you were a child and you wanted to walk. The reason you wanted to walk was you wanted to get over there to the way it might have been. Mum might have been Dad, it could have been a sibling, it could have been a fancy toy.

They took your fancy. It could have been an animal, one of your pets or something. But as a child, as a small baby, the house wasn’t important. It was just a case of where. And you tried and tried and tried until you could crawl. And then you could walk. Then once you could walk, then you tried again. Until you could run.

Because you wanted to get there quicker. And then maybe after that, you learned to ride a bike. And he fell down a few times and you got out, but you knew where you wanted to go. You wanted to go on that bike and you maybe wanted to go down straight or play with the other kids, something like that.

So we weren’t quite so caught up in the how. We weren’t thinking on a bike at the gates, one pebble in front of each other. Sometimes now we do if we trying to go a long way and it’s a bit difficult, we might be going pedal, pedal, pedal. One fighter, one petrol, one pedal, get to the corner, get to the next corner, quantifying all of that sort of stuff.

What About The Why?

But the point is that we just did it. We tried it, we got out, we moved, we did it. Whereas in our businesses, we’re very worried about that. So, is it potentially because we’re worried about failing? Does our business have so much more wrapped around it? What is it that we’re worried about? Why don’t we do that now?

Why do we only do the how? Why don’t we do the why? So quite often we have people that will make goals. You make a New Year’s resolution; you make a goal at the beginning of the. I’m going to do this. You think about that goal and you think, okay, I’ve got to do some Facebook ads or I’ve got to do social media, or I’m not doing social media, I’m only doing email.

Well, whatever particular tactic it is, and then it doesn’t quite work out the way you thought it was. So you shelve that goal, then you try another one. But what if you took that big goal, that goal for the year, two years, three years? I love the saying that says that we underestimate what we can do in a year and we overestimate what we can do in ten.

Achieving Big Goals

So if you’re thinking about that big goal and you’ve got ten years to do it, even the first year, you don’t get there. Second, you don’t get a third, you don’t get there, fourth you don’t get there, etc., etc.. But on that night fear, you got there, then you’ve still achieved it in that ten-year span. And we don’t think of ourselves as a failure.

But if we set that goal for one year to nine times, we would think of ourselves as a failure. But we didn’t. We achieved it in the ten years, and we quite often do that, don’t we? We think, okay, we’re going to set this goal. We go along and we drew the hand, we get these tactics. We maybe by a course follow a book and it doesn’t work.

Compound Learning Effect

You’ve all heard of the penny effect. If you compound one penny on top of another penny and doubling it, it eventually gets to $1,000,000. But that last one that doubles is so far from $1,000,000. So it’s that compounding effect. And that’s quite often what the why does the way we know what it is that we want to do.

So we compound it. We try something. It doesn’t work. We try something else. It doesn’t work. We try something, it works a little bit. Then we go again and we continue to go until we get the way. But if we’re only doing it, one tactic, next tactic, Next tactic. And that doesn’t work, then we’ve got all those values stacked up. Not just that didn’t work. So let’s try the next one. Try the next one, try the next one. And then we’ve got a compound learning effect and then we get there.

The Importance of Where

But that’s not how we think about any business. Why not? Why don’t we think about any business like that? So it’s really interesting that you can say a group of people and they might be doing a program, for instance, or a course, and it might have been the people that you went through your coaching training with.

Some do really well. They do exceptionally well. They fly suddenly. They’ve got this thriving business and others don’t do well at all. Ten years later, they’re still sitting. They’re not doing well. So why is that? Did they have not had a big enough way? Was there why big enough? Did they focus on the tactics or did they not do anything at all?

So having that way, knowing where you want to go, makes such a difference. It’s a bit like a holiday. If you say right, I wanna go Italy and you’re in Australia or America. How am I going to get to Italy? I could go by boat, by ship, I could go by airplane, I could fly in to somewhere else and then catch a train.

You start thinking about the different ways you could do it. But if you’re just thinking, I want to go on holiday. Well, you could walk out the door, walk down to the local beach. Is that your holiday? It might be, but you need to know where you’re going so that you can know what tactics are appropriate.

Small Wins, Big Success

So when you start limiting yourself with I don’t know how, I can’t maybe think a little bit bigger. Think about where it is you want to go. What do you want to achieve in one knee? What do you want to achieve in three years? What do you want to achieve in ten years? And then start breaking those down.

What do I need to do this year? What do I need to do these six months? What do I need to do this month? What do I need to do this week? What do I need to do today for that?

So when we’ve got that plan of what we need to do and one thing doesn’t work, now we can try something else and we can pivot and we can make it happen. But keeping those steps towards that, where that why that big thing will make such a difference.


Focus on the Destination, Rethinking Your Route to Success

So when we’ve got that plan of what we need to do and one thing doesn’t work, now we can try something else and we can pivot and we can make it happen. But keeping those steps towards that, where that why that big thing will make such a difference.

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SBT ep 234 - Where not How