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Where Marketing and Sales Collide with Adam Bude

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Adam Bude has a 30-year career in commission-only sales roles and entrepreneurial experience in both traditional and non-traditional businesses. This has taught him that the only way to truly be happy and to wildly succeed in business is through collaboration with likeminded and like-values driven people who genuinely want to be of service to the greater good of all.

Cathy Smith is the owner of CATCO Enterprises for over 20+ years now. As a granddaughter of an artist; design has been her whole life. CATCO Enterprises creates attraction and competitive benefit for businesses through holistic marketing. Comprehensive strategies that build relationships, honesty, integrity, and trust producing a positive marketing RIO.

Creating an Authentic Connection with Real People

Authentic marketing with your core values, beliefs and goals creates a unique connection with your audience that makes them more likely to buy from you. Understanding that our business is who we are and bringing that into our marketing helps to form that connection to your business. Because you are competing with so many more businesses online and in real life, working to talk to your best client is important.

Are You Looking From Your Customer’s Point of View?

When looking at who you want to market to and who you are selling to, you may create an idea of a person – but they are nothing like your real customers, or you are not quite talking in the right way. Being disconnected from who your customers are and what they want from you can hurt your marketing and your sales.

  • Who are you selling to?
  • Will you solve their problem?
  • Are they able to actually buy from you?

Giving Customers the Option to Buy

Marketing and sales are inextricably linked and you need to make sure both are working. Getting customers into your business should be a priority, but are you giving them the option to buy from your business once they are ready? Ensuring you have follow-up, procedures and buy buttons on your website and socials are a great idea.



Where Marketing and Sales Collide with Adam Bude

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Where Marketing & Sales Collide

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