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What is Your Story?

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What is your story with Cathy Smith & Ian Hawkins

Today on Small Business Talk we are discussing story – What is your Story.

By making that human connection you are fulfilling the basic need of being wanted and accepted. Our story whether it is business or personal, and let’s face it all story is personal. If you haven’t listened to episode #121 of Small Business Talk where I talk about business being personal go back and listen to that. If your business isn’t personal it should be. It is our story that draws people to us and makes them want to know more and buy from us.

Today Ian Hawkins from Ian Hawkins Coaching is interviewing me and we go deep into my story and why I do what I do. 

We discussed how I came to be running my own successful digital marketing business over the last 20 years. I shared how my business has evolved from humble beginnings to where it is today. We begin with my story and life before CATCO Enterprises. 

Come and learn more about my personal story, the businesswoman behind CATCO Enterprises.

Ian Hawkins

Ian Hawkins is an Amazon Best-Selling Author who helps purpose driven individuals maximise their impact. For over 10 years, Ian has helped impact-driven individuals to be the best version of themselves and build meaningful connections with the most important relationships in their life. Using simple and effective processes Ian empowers his clients to reconnect to the key areas in their life; their health, work, spirituality and their most important personal relationships.

Connect to Others Through Sharing Your Story

When in business we can often feel like we wear multiple hats. One hat may be for those people who know you on a personal level such as your close friends and family, another hat may be for those who know you on a professional level such as co-workers, employees and other business professionals. Many business owners feel they should keep these two hats totally separate and not share your personal story with those you know professionally. However, this is not always the case. By showing who you and sharing your story it is a great way to connect with others and for them to see the real you.

What is Your Story?

Your story should share with others your passions, who inspires you, why you do what you do, why you love what you do, where you come from and where you wish to be. While your story is unique to you, it will resonate with other people you meet resulting in building strong and real relationships in business.


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What is Your Story?

What is Your Story? Listen to the full episode of Small Business Talk episode 124.


What is your story with Cathy Smith & Ian Hawkins

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