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Website Essentials for 2021

Show Notes

In this era of social media being the thing and a new platform popping up every 5 minutes, you might be wondering whether having a website is really needed at all?

If so, how do you make it work for you?

There is a guru on every corner pushing their favourite platform, system, hack and more so where should you be turning for advice?

That can be a hard question to answer because the social media and the web design/development industries are unregulated. What that means is that anyone can add a post, landing page or webinar and say they are an expert. Some of these people have been doing it for years, others 5 minutes and often the information they give is outdated or to say is plainly WRONG.

The information is often given with the best intention however as the digital industry and Google in particular moves at lightning speed, you have to keep up.

Back to the question of where to go for advice, do your research, go by track record and previous customer recommendation. Most of all, go with your gut, if it feels wrong then it is generally is.

Why Should You Have a Website?

You wouldn’t renovate a home that you were only renting? Would you? Building your business wholely or predominately on a platform you have little control over is a recipe for disaster that many businesses owners are still doing.

Late 2019/2020 so hundreds of Facebook and Instagram accounts shutdown without warning and people lost years of work and often all the income generating ability.

By having a well-designed and functioning website means that you can control over your business exposure.

What is a Well Designed and Functioning Website?

I am glad you asked and today’s summer series replay episode #079 Website Essentials That Your Website Really Needs with Cathy Smith, yep, me, I discuss exactly that.

Website Essentials for 2021​

Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 102 for the full episode.

Website Essentials for 2021

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