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To Niche or Not

Show Notes

Today’s topic is niche. It seems to be a really hot topic at the moment. Should I or should I not? Should I restrict my audience or should I be able to help everybody? So let’s dive in. So niche is one of those things that you need to think about. Why would you want to niche? Are you going to be able to help everybody? Is that something that people are then going to be able to refer you all your life coach or your web designer or whichever variety you want to add? So therefore, you can’t help everybody. And generally, most often you can. But it makes it really hard in your marketing.

Talking to One

If you are trying to talk to one person, your very best client, you’re friendly with that client, you’ve become best friends and you’re thinking, “Is this solution going to solve my friend’s problem?” Do I know what my friend’s problem? Of course, you do. Then your friend. You know everything about your friend. So it’s going to be much easier to work out if your solution is going to solve their problem.

And then when you’re talking to your friend, you’re going to use language that it’s exactly that language that they need to understand so that they know that you’re going to have the solution for their problem. And it makes it so much easier. So if you think about your one customer, your very best customer, the customer that pays on time, that you love to work with, they listen to your instructions, they follow your advice.

If they’ve got any homework or anything like that they need to do, they always do it. If you think about that one customer, that friend, if you like, it’s much easier to set your marketing it up. It’s much easier to get your message out, clearly. It’s much easier to be talking to that one person and your friend has a name, so why don’t you put a name to your customer?

That avatar, that one person that you want to attract. And then it’s so much easier when you’re doing your marketing. It’s not as overwhelming. You don’t have to try to be marketing to everybody. What if you’re this or that or this and do that? And then it makes it so much more difficult because nobody can actually understand what it is that you’re trying to market because you’re just being so wishy washy.

Talking to Everyone is Talking to No One

When you try to talk to everyone else, you don’t end up actually doing it. So there’s a story you might have heard before. It’s about cordial. There was a little girl and she was given a cup of cordial by her grandfather. They were having a picnic down at the lake and it didn’t have any water in it.

It was just straight cordial. So, the girl said, “What can I do with this granddad?” And he suggested that she take it down to the lake, tip it in the lake, and then scoop it up. And wouldn’t that make so much more cordial? So off she went and she scooped it back up. And then guess what? It tasted awful.

It was so diluted. It was shocking. So, she came back to her granddad and she said that wasn’t any good. I did not like that. He said, okay, this time let’s just put a little bit of cordial in your cup and let’s go and fill it up the rest of your cup from the water bottle over there. So, they went over to the picnic table, they picked up the water bottle and they put the right amount of water into that cordial cup.

And she tasted it. And of course, it was lovely. So when we’re thinking about marketing to everybody, we’re diluting our message down so much that it’s like awful cordial. You can’t taste it. Nobody really knows what you’re doing or who you’re helping or what the problem is about yourself or any of the things that we really need to get clear in our marketing and our message.

So if you’ve got that concentrated cordial and you’re only talking to your friend, your one person, your avatar, then people will go, Yes, I understand what you’re saying. no, I don’t, and I don’t like it. And that’s equally as good because if they don’t like it, then it’s no point them being your customer and you’re not wasting your time or theirs trying to market it to people who are never going to be your customer

Marketing Strategy For You

So, if you only marketing to one person, that one specific person, you might think, “I’m going to cut everybody else now”. Well, actually it doesn’t work that way. If you market to one person, one person will think that you’re so fantastic and they’re going to tell others, and it’s the same when you actually rating ads, it might not be specifically you, but because it’s tailored and you can understand exactly what they say, you’re going.

People will wonder “I wonder if they can help me as well”.  So, then it becomes far more specific and you can immediately identify if that’s you or you can disqualify yourself, which is fine as well, because we don’t want to be spending time with suppliers and providers and trying to market to customers that just aren’t for us. So be very specific and it makes your marketing so much easier.


To Niche or Not

When it comes to marketing, be specific. Do target that one person and you can always check it more later. Think about Facebook. They started one dorm in one university and they spread to the whole university, then more campuses and then world domination. So it doesn’t limit you as much as you think. So even now, you know, logically, you need to know what your emotions might be saying something different, but give it a try

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To Niche

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