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The Secret to Creating 30 Days of Great Content

Show Notes

Content is often hard and boring or it takes too long to do!

So we just don’t do it.

The Secret to Creating 30 Days of Great Content

This can be used on one platform or multiple platforms.

What we want to do is spread the message in an interesting way but something that is easy.

Easy Content Creation

The way to make it easy is to be interviewed. Be interviewed about your topic of choice, your FAQ’s your common problems you are being asked all the time.

If you get someone else to ask you those questions and that makes it really easy to answer those questions. It doesn’t have to be hugely long a 10 minute video, and you will be surprised how quickly time flies; will give you plenty of content to repurpose that.

An interview means that you can set up the questions beforehand so you can make sure that the key points that you’re wanting to hit are hit without being hugely scripted and feeling pressured to tell them that or tell them this or what if I forget that.

Or teleprompter where you’re reading it and people can see your eyes just flicking across and you’re not engaging with anybody so it’s talking one I want and I need to view full memory a need to so view it’s format talking can 1 take I want an all of those things away as well as making sure that you’re hitting the points that you’re actually wanting to do the wanting to do.

Quote Cards

Then out of that you can use the key points as quote cards that you can either do-it-yourself quite easily on something like canva, or get fiver, freelancer, upwork. Or even just do them in PowerPoint and then save them as a ping or any image is a good way PowerPoint will give you different sorts of backgrounds you can use it can give you options for design so that can be a really quick easy way to do it.


If you’re doing it on LinkedIn mixing up your content is really good. LinkedIn actually likes text so you don’t even have to worry about having a photo.  So just get a little snippet out of one of you frequently ask questions and then perhaps send them to a blog post which is the transcript of your interview. Remember that we talked differently till we write so you will need to polish that transcript up a little bit. That gives you the basic content so instead of sitting there with a blank page you’ve got all the transcripts it’s in your words your style. You can send it off to fiver or get a VA or other people to do it for you.

Multiple Content Pieces

Out of that 10 minute video you can come up with things like quote cards you can have the content for blogs. You can have articles. You can cut the video into shortest bits to use for stories. You can also use it for reels. You can put photos behind it and animated just using the is using story the section of institute of Instagram. If you load it up and then download it back to the camera roll. Then you can reload it up to reels and put music in.

You’ve got lots of ways that you can repurpose it without having to start from scratch.

Use on Different Platforms

Use it on different platforms you can use it in different ways can use at different it in different times. All platforms work a little bit differently but you can use the same content as long as you thinking about how people want to look at.

For Instagram you would use a lot of hash tags where it’s Facebook you don’t.

Remember to recycle your older content too, especially is it has done well.

The Secret to Creating 30 Days of Great Content

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The Secret to Creating 30 Days of Great Content

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