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Taking Customer Service to the Next Level With Jackie Wickham

Show Notes

Margaret River to You hand selected hampers filled with local products, servicing the South West and beyond. Jackie select the best the Margaret River region has to offer, supporting small businesses and farmers. Promoting locally made products and share them with a new audience, Jackie is passionate about the beauty of Margaret River and has created beautifully presented gourmet gift boxes to showcase these amazing products ready for you to gift.

My Job is so much more than just delivering hampers. I feel very blessed to be able deliver a product that shows someone cares. I have 2 customers for every hamper, the person that ordered it and the person receiving it that is why customer services is so very important to me.” Jackie said.

Leverage of What You Love

If you have suppliers, producers and a product you love, can this be used to form a new business that compliments your existing one? Customers like supporting local so by combining two business you can be further helping small business, local business and bringing people quality products.

Consider your Customers Needs

In terms of hamper gifting, there are two different types of gifting, one is client gifting and the other is on a personal level. For the client gifting, everybody loves food. I would recommend chocolate and nuts, gourmet crackers, relish, something to please, a cheese-board type of arrangement, but also some items that are able to be opened and sampled. Depending on the budget, some skincare items are also well received.

Work to Customers Budget

Work to your customers budget and allow them to custom build and brand their own hamper. Most people will know their own customers better than you will. It’s nice to customise a gift to a person’s interests and what they love and like.

Gifts for Gentleman

For the gentlemen, unless requested, wine, beer, or some sort of drink is a popular gift and a variety of food. Most people feel very spoiled when they receive a selection of gourmet food such as chocolate, crackers, cheese, relish and jellies. They always go well, good pairing with whatever you’re eating.

Listen and Openly Communicate with Customers to Ensure you are Servicing Their Needs

Listening to your client is the key. Customer service isn’t just the person that is placing the order, it’s also the person receiving it. Whether delivering yourself or using a delivery service, it’s important to know that that hamper arrived where it should have arrived, and it’s in one piece, and it’s exactly as I had packed it. Follow up with a phone call when the hamper has been dispatched by our postal service, just to ensure that it is all in good condition as it was when it was sent. People are usually thrilled that you called and that you care. Customer service is both ends, from the person that’s ordering and the person that’s on the receiving end.

Invest in Your Business

It is important to invest in your business. Make sure you are continuing to build on your skills and keep up to date with technology. As business owners we need to invest in ourselves to make our businesses better.

Invest, Invest, Invest.



Taking Customer Service to the Next Level With Jackie Wickham

Jackie Wickham lives and breathes taking customer service to the next level. Enjoy my chat with her in Small Business Talk Episode 091.


Taking Customer Service to the Next Level With Jackie Wickham

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