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Take Advantage of Current Opportunities for Your Business

Show Notes

Time to get back our new normal.

For many people, COVID was a time for reflection and to assess how they work or do business.

The world will never be the same and 2020 will definitely go down as a land mark year in history. Now, the world is watching and in some areas, waiting to see how we will move forward.

What Are You Doing That is Different?

Have you thrown out old practices and realized that yes, you can stop.

For a lot of people, it has been a realisation that they don’t need to work 7 days a week and other people can do some of the world, delegate and survive.

In today’s episode of Small Business Talk, we are chatting with special guests to equip you to move forward and really take advantage of the opportunities that COVID has provided.

Negative Self Talk with Amy Van Meijl

Firstly, Amy Van Meijl is going to help us negative self-talk.

You can control what you think. You will get a thought pop up and you might think “Oh where did that come from?” When you have thoughts that says “We can’t afford thing” or “Who do you think you are?” Amy says it’s time to stop, take a moment and reassess. How can this be different if I could think a different thought here in the moment. Wow, that is definitely food for thought. Don’t let your thoughts over take you.

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking with Victoria Lioznyansky

Now that you have your negative self-talk underway, what about getting out from behind your computer and let’s work on your public speaking.

Victoria Lioznyansky tells us that it is all about mindset and being ourselves. When actors prepare for a role, they spend hours and hours, days and days learning their lives and the role. Victoria suggests that you don’t do this and just be yourself.

Remember, you are enough. Your experiences make you “you” and do it your way.

How to Run a Business You Really Enjoy with Emma and Carla Papas

Emma and Carla Papas give us tips on how to run a business that you love.

  1. Be Present
  2. Create Acceptance
  3. Be Grateful

Running a business you love makes such a difference to your life.

The Power of Collaborative Community to Grow a Small Business with Lyn Hawkins

One thing that I now noticed a lot in the last few weeks and months is how everyone is looking for and reaching out to their community.

Conversations are key, value matching and making sure the collaboration is a win/win for all parties, Lyn said is the major things you need to be looking for.

Collaborative and strong communities can help grow your business and open up opportunities you never would have thought were possible.

Is it the Right Time to Be Starting a Business with Jo Morrison

Did you reflect over COVID and decision you needed a career change? Change of job or business? Is it time to start that business you have been dreaming of? Is it the right time to start a business?

Jo Morrison says start by doing a brain dump on a piece of paper. Yes, good old fashion paper and pen. That way, you can work out whether this idea is a great hobby, something that you love or a real business idea that you can build on and provide you with real income.

Take Advantage of Current Opportunities for Your Business

Lots of ideas are there for you to take advantage of current opportunity for your business and power a head even in these uncertain times.

Take advantage of current opportunities for your business and for more information, please listen to the full episodes that were featured today.

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