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Stop Selling Coaching

Show Notes

If you are ready to take your coaching practice to the next level, then you are in the right place. Whether you are just starting your coaching journey or you’re an experienced coach, not seeing the results you desire, this podcast is for you. You need to stop selling coaching. Yes, you heard me. Stop selling coaching. Nobody wants coaching. Nobody wants you to give them an hour of your time. They all want the transformation. They want the result. They want what you’re going to offer them and help them to achieve.

Think Transformation, Not Transactions

They don’t want coaching. So when you’re selling it, when you’re marketing it, you’re creating it to be so transactional and you wondering why people are breaking it down into an hourly rate and you yourself are struggling to be able to sell it because who wants an hour’s coaching? If you go to the dentist and you’ve got major root canal surgery to have done and they say it’s going to be $5,000 and it’s going to take 5 hours or it’s going to be seven and a half thousand dollars, it’s going to take 20 minutes and be far less painful.

Which one are you going to go for? Well, that’s pretty simple, isn’t it? You’re going to go for the quick one. You are not looking. The fact that it’s going to cost you more money, but much less time. You just thinking of the lack of pain, the lack of time that you’ve got to spend and your clients are much the same.

They don’t want to spend half a day with you. They just want to get the result that half a day would give them. And if it’s half a day instead of four weeks, even better still. So think about that. When you packaging up the packages, when you selling your packages, don’t make them so transactional. What is the transfer mission they’re going to get?

Sell Your Value

What is the result? Are you going to help them get their first client? If you’re a marketing coach, are you going to help them get over that limiting belief and create that first production that they might be doing? Presentation maybe. Are you going to help them get a manuscript written and ready for publishing in three months? What is that thing, that transformation that they are looking for?

What have they come to you for? Or what am I searching for a coach for? So think about that kind of thing. And that’s what you need to be using in your marketing. They’re the words that you need to be using. Where do you get those words from your clients? Of course. If you haven’t got clients already, then look and see what people are searching for.

What are they asking in Facebook groups? What are those words that they using? And what did you use? What are you own client? Two months ago. Ten months ago. Five years ago. What were you searching for? If it’s weight loss, for instance, what were your problems? What did you want to know? Did you want to know about the protocols that you’re going to have to do?

Did you want to know if it was intermittent fasting or not? Did you want to know all those details? Yeah, maybe later on. But first off, you want to know what that transformation is. What is it that you’re going to get? What’s the result of spending this time and money with you? What can I get for that? Am I going to get my book published?

Am I going to lose £10? Am I going to be able to get a job? If you’re a recruitment coach, what is it that you’re promising? What is it that you can give your clients? That’s what you need to be selling, not coaching.

Sell Your Story

So, what you need to be looking at is what’s different about you. Why would they come to you? Do you have 23 year’s experience in marketing? Have you done that journey? You can help them because that was you. You were rock bottom and then you were able to turn it around. Get yourself a business. And now you’re a business coach.

Were you a large person and you lost some weight and now you’ve got confidence and you’re able to do all of these things? Is that your unique selling point? Were you there? Did you almost get there and you were able to make sure that you didn’t? Was it some adversity that you struggled through? What is it that makes you the perfect coach for them?

Waving your story in is important, but it can’t be the front and center. What you do for your clients needs to be the front and center. How you do it, not the how, as in step by step by step, but the transformation that what they are going to get says sell the sizzle, as they say, not the sausage.

Because if you give them the whole farm, there’s no point in them paying for it. They don’t need to. Yes, you can give your best stuff away, but then they still need to come back to you to be able to do it step by step, to be able to work out what that process is. So, give them the broad strokes, not the actual details of your magic formula and make sure it’s personalised.

Build A Strong Identity

You need to be that category of one so that you are the only choice. Just think about Apple. How many people have apple science? How many people have Samsung phones? How many people will never swap between because they’re both categories of one?

Yes, I do have very similar products, and some would say that some are better than others, but we won’t get into that debate. But at the end of the day, if you’re an Android person, you’re not going to look at an Apple, an iPhone unless you have to because of work or something like that. But the you know, the point is, we’re not swapping between because we don’t see the other one as an option.

It is a category one. And that’s what you need to be to. And then you’re not competing on price. It’s not a race to the bottom. There’s not all those other factors because you are the only one.

So that’s how you make your identity really strong. That’s how people really magnetize to you. That’s how you become the only one.

So having that strong identity, being very clear about the people you help and the way you help them makes it so much easier for you to sell because you’re not selling a commodity. You’re not just being a Wal-Mart or a Coles or a Woolworths or whichever variety you want. You are the premium product; you are the one to go to and that’s what you need to get to.

Just selling, coaching, selling. Is really value in your services. You offer so much more. So when you are selling and marketing, make sure that you’re including that, showing them a little bit of your personality and the way you do it.


Stop Selling Coaching

Having a value-added approach is so much nicer. The power of transformation being able to help people move from here to there, that is really important and making it very clear in your marketing about what that transformation could be, that will be making it much easier for you to not only sell it, but market it. 

Go out there and coach. Go out there and make those transformations and just a little tweak in your marketing and see what happens. So coaches, enjoy your journey and remember the coaches marketing roadmap book is out. So if you haven’t grabbed your copy go to Cathy Smith website and you will be able to get it.

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