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Star Power for Your Business

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You know your business the best. You know your customers the best, and you know how to service them. So, stop waiting for somebody else’s star power before you start, because you are the star power. What are you leaving on the table while you’re waiting for somebody to pat you on the back? You’ve got this. You can do it.

So get out there and do it. Step into the limelight. Own your word. You don’t need anybody else’s permission. If you do, I just gave you permission. Go and do it. Shine and be the best example that you can for you and your business. The world needs that unique brand of your brands, and its high time you recognise that and step down.

Go Out There and Make an Impact

Every day that you wait is an opportunity missed, a chance to impact as just the three fingers. So seize the reins. Own your own destiny. After all, you are the captain of your ship. Don’t sideline your talents and aspirations. Instead, make a choice and shine unapologetically. Now you need to tell the world. So in episode two, I five, the audio wasn’t quite as good as it could be, but I wanted to get the episode out.

I wanted to let you know what I was thinking. I had been to a marketing trade show and expo for the previous two days and I really wanted to tell you all the highlights. I didn’t have the opportunity to go back to the studio and to get the audio right, so I just made it in the park and yes, there was birds behind but you got the message.

And for one of my clients, it was just the message that they needed at the right time. We don’t like to have bad audio and lots of statistics to say that we’ll put up with bad graphics, bad video, but audio is not the thing. But sometimes you’ve just got to get it out there. Brooke Castellanos says B-plus work is better than no work.

Take That Step Today

If you’re aiming for A’s and you’re aiming for perfection every time. You never going to get it out there. How can you help if you don’t get your work out there? How can you help if nobody knows you there? Don’t be the best kept secret because you are brilliant. You can do this. All it takes sometimes is just one step.

One step followed by another step. How all great journeys made we just step one step at a time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So sometimes you just need to start with the smallest elephant, and then you can go from there. So what are you leaving behind? What opportunities are you missing? Because you don’t think good enough? Or you think that’s only for somebody else?

I’ve been listening to the audio book SWAP: Marketing Without Money by Therese Tarlinton. I think it’s how said I’ll get that correct and put it in the Chinese. But she says that collaboration is the make and break of a lot of businesses and that you can approach some of these big businesses and that big businesses love small businesses because we’re nimble and we can act quickly and we can move.

So what collaborations or what partnerships or what opportunities are you leaving behind because you don’t think you’re big enough? They wouldn’t be interested in little old you. Well, guess what? I probably would anticipate, really, if you’re really good at what you do and if you’re listening to this podcast, I’m sure you are. So just think about those opportunities that you could put your hand up.

Be Fearless

Should you feel fear? Absolutely. Do we do it anyway? Yes. You should obviously calculate your risks and check, but definitely do it. Fear is on false evidence appearing real. So make sure you are taking advantage of these opportunities. Grab them with both hands. Sometimes it’s about the who, not the how to aim for the scars. Aim for that statement and then see where it ends up.

You never know. You might end up exactly where you thought you were, but then you might end up somewhere else. Just like my business journey, I originally started my business, CATCO Enterprises, to write a book. It was going to be a book on printing and how to get the most out of printing because back in 2001, printing was very expensive.

We didn’t have digital printing, and if you wanted to have something printed in color, the only option you had was offset full color and it was very, very expensive. I had spent the previous ten years working in the printing industry, so I knew some of the tips and tricks and I was going to tell everybody about it. I never got to do that book.

The Coaches Marketing Roadmap Book

Guess what? After 22 years in my own business, I am writing a book. It’s called The Coaches Marketing Roadmap, and it will be out by Christmas. So all you coaches that are struggling to turn your passion into a business. You’ve got your certificate, you’ve got your toolbox, you’ve got your qualifications. But now you don’t quite know how to get out in front of clients and in front of other people.

Stay tuned because the book will be out by Christmas and it is a very good step by step on how to get yourself out there, how to market yourself confidently, so that your coaching practice is not just a certificate that you think that would have been nice and you go back to your old life or you go back to full time because you couldn’t make it go with it.


Star Power for Your Business

So watch out for the Coaches Marketing Roadmap coming at by Christmas 2023. But you are the star of your business, so step into it. Grab that stadium and go. You can do it. Like I said, if you need permission, I’ve given you permission twice now so you can go ahead and do it.

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