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Social Media for 2021

Small Business Talk Episode 100

100 episodes I can not believe it!

December 2018 when this podcast first looked like it was going to be a reality seems like such a long time ago and what a different world it was. I had been talking and talking and talking about doing a podcast for the previous 2 years or more and never took it any further than that. Then in November 2018 only weeks away from traveling to New Zealand for a family holiday I saw a post from Ray Milidoni about his new podcasting course that was coming up. Everything was wrong, timing, being on holidays, no equipment etc, etc. But do you know what sometimes that just makes it the best time to dot it. I backed myself used the time zone to my advantage and did the course in 4 different locations and over 2 time zones and look what happened 8 weeks later the Small Business Talk Podcast was launched. If you every had even the smallest interest in podcasting check out Ray Milidoni’s 6 P’s of Podcasting Course which is now at Udemy.

I ordered a mike when in New Zealand and by the time we arrived home I had everything I needed to start my first interview and then get the first episode live on Stitcher Radio February 14th, 2019; took a few more days for iTunes to accept the show and off I went. Small Business Talk Podcast was a reality. Over the 2 years I still record the episodes in a variety of locations and with the guest in multiple locations.

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What to do for the 100th Episode

When we hit 50 episodes, I thought I would have a party, however it was Christmas time and with holidays and all I decided to dream of maybe reaching 100 episodes and do it then. Well this is 100 and yep it’s Christmas time again. 2020 begin such a strange and draining year meant I didn’t get it together for this episode either so what to do?

In mid December we had a new member start on our CATCO Enterprises team, Nat. I asked Nat what he thought we should do for the 100th Episode and we chatted about a few different ideas.

Social Media for 2021.

In the end, we decided on a highlights reel. The end result is like speed dating on what you should be doing on social media for 2021, so hang on to your hat because it goes really fast – you might need to slow it down or listen to it a couple of times. Thanks, Nat for your editing efforts and bringing this highlights reel to life.

We hope you enjoy this special 100th Episode of Small Business Talk.

Small Business Talk 100th Episode

Social Media for 2021 - Small Business Talk Episode 100

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