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Should I Use Hashtags on Facebook in 2020

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Finally, Facebook is coming to the party with hashtags.

Search has always been a big problem for Facebook and they are finally going to embrace hashtags as a way to help their audience search through Facebook gigantic library of posts.

Facebook is starting to push the use of hashtags in posts to INCREASE YOUR ORGANIC REACH – Mari Smith posted on 2nd July 2020

History of Facebook Hashtags

Hashtags on Facebook have been around since 2013 but not widely used or encouraged by Facebook. In 2016 auto posting from Instagram to Facebook became the thing and our feeds were flooded with hashtags and the organic reach of these posts began to tank as the Facebook audience still didn’t want to come to the party.  

Facebooks Definition of Hashtags

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your personal timeline or Page. This helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in. To make a hashtag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase and add it to your post. For example: Great podcast episodes are #SmallBusinessTalk. When you click a hashtag, you’ll see a feed of posts that include that hashtag. You may also see some related hashtags at the top of the page. Please keep in mind: A hashtag must be written as a single word, without any spaces. You can include numbers in a hashtag, but punctuation and special characters (like $ and %) don’t work. You can search for a hashtag using the search bar at the top of any Facebook page. You’ll only see posts that were shared with you, unless they are set as public, so you won’t be able to see all hashtags on all posts if the privacy settings are on private or friends and family only. When using hashtags in your post make sure your settings are on a Public audience, so that they will appear on your public profile and in that hashtag feed.

Limit on Hashtags on Facebook

There is no official limit to the amount of hashtags you can use on Facebook but think about how your audience will react to a post stuffed full of hashtags.

Use hashtags (1 or 2 only) when they make sense and when you use something relevant that people can filter on to find more relevant conversation. If I wanted to create conversation around social media tools I would start including a hashtag #socialmediatools and then I’d encourage conversation around this.
Ian Cleary of Razor Social

How Many Hashtags to Use

Social Sprout says 1,2,3 or 6 hashtags – 4 & 5 are lower than 6.

7-9 or 11 plus really reduce the engagement
10 is best if doing multiples but more than half lower than 6.

Hashtag enagement on Facebook from Social Sprout
Source: Social Sprout

Watch this space as more influencers are starting to us more hashtags I am sure the amount to add will increase as well. Try it out. I would start by using 6 and see how you go. Testing on your page is always the best way to see what will work for you.

Types of Hashtags on Facebook

If you are thinking about using popular hashtags, think about what you are trying to achieve. If you are only using a small amount of hashtags with a hugely popular hashtag work for you or will you just get lots in the crowd? Conversely don’t go to overly specific or unique or you won’t be found, unless of course it makes sense for your niche.

Following Hashtags on Facebook

No you can’t follow hashtags on Facebook – not yet anyway.

You also can’t see how popular the hashtag is or other related hashtags. Hashtags are not suggested after you type in the # number sign either – a feature of most of the other platforms. Although some people are reporting when they use specific words Facebook is suggesting it be a hashtag.

Yes hashtags on Facebook still have a way to go but this is a positive start.

Research for Hashtags to use on Facebook

Mari Smith’s hot tip is to reach the hashtags to use on Facebook by searching through hashtags on the Instagram platform where you can see popular and related hashtags.


Facebook Hashtags from Mari Smith
Facebook Hashtags from Mari Smith

Proofread Your Hashtags on Facebook

Add capital letters to show the words and be careful what hashtags you put together. Remember no spaces of you will break your intended hashtag.

Read the hashtag well to make sure your reader is getting the meaning you intended.

Could be
#RoadsKills or

And I am sure you have seen plenty of inappropriate hashtags that started out quite innocently.

Should I Use Hashtags on Facebook in 2020

Yes But sparily at this stage.
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Next week on Small Business Talk we are talking all things referral marketing so look forward to seeing you then.

Should I Use Hashtags on Facebookin 2020

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