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Sales is a Dirty Word

Show Notes

Sales. Is that a dirty word? Why do so many coaches think that sales is a dirty word in this episode? Sales is not a dirty word and you need to be able to sell. Otherwise, you won’t have a business. You will just have an expensive hobby. So if you’re not going to do sales, if you’re not going to ask people for money to pay for your coaching, pay for your services. Stop right now because you’re not going to have a business.

Coaches Sales

We got into coaching to help people. How can we help people ourselves and our family and to do good in the world? If we don’t charge for our coaching. Most things that are free requires much attention to pay. Do you really put in the effort? Do you really go that extra mile? Most people don’t. Most people will only put in the extra effort or go the extra mile if they pay for it. So as a fabulous coach, why shouldn’t you be paid for it? And if you want to turn your coaching passion into a business, you got to have to be paid.

Otherwise, you’re going to have to go back to corporate. It’s thinking about sales as a relationship. You build a relationship with your clients. That’s why you get transformation. So, if you’re building that relationship with them and they need to pay to be able to action that and to put in the effort that they need to. Why shouldn’t they be paying it?

You’re going to be pulling your hair at end up having to get a side gig or a full-time gig or just go back to corporate. So you need to learn to sell and a sales can be really good and it can help people and it will help you if you learn to do it well.

So we need to get over this stigma really, that coaches can’t sell. Coaches shouldn’t be paid. I was talking to some people last week and they said, well, that price is too high. That’s price gouging. But why is it price gouging if you’re getting value, the person that you’re giving it to is getting valued. Why is it price gouging to be paid for your time?

Getting Sales Can Amplify Good Deeds

Be paid for your service? Can it be paid an hourly rate, specifically because we don’t want to trade time for money, but add that value and then you can do good things in the world with your money. You can give it to charities. You can fund things, lots of coaches, fun things like orphanages, or they give different things at CATCO Enterprises, our other business.

We give to digital and electricity for Aboriginals. We have a whole stack of different charities that we give to. So 1% of all our revenue goes to charitable causes. And that way we know no matter what we’re doing, we’re always going to do good. Plus, we give our time and we do other things as well. So if you’re getting paid really well, then why couldn’t you just say work three days a week and do charity work on the other two or have a cause?

So it doesn’t have to be an end or an EF? It can be an end energy or it can be an end and not all. So you can do both. You can get paid really well for your services, you can give great value, and you can also do good in the world. Even Mother Teresa, her organization was worth billions of dollars. Look at all the good that she did. But do you think she would have been able to do that without money? No, absolutely not. So thinking about it, you need to be paid. You need to be paid well for your services. You’ve paid someone for your coaching accreditations. You continue to pay people and no debt. You pay a coach as well. So why shouldn’t you be charging to. So make sales made smart choices. It means that you can use that money in a great way.

The Coaches Marketing Roadmap

If you’d like to start your coaching journey into a business rather than just an expensive hobby, I’ve got a book coming in. It’s called The Coaches Marketing Roadmap, and it will be out very soon. So, if you want to go check out this review, you will find all the links there for the preorders and then I will post you the book.

I also have a course of the same name Coaches Marketing Roadmap. So if you need that help to get over the hurdle, to change your mindset, to make sure that you are going to be helping lots of people and to have a thriving business.


Sales is a Dirty Word

Break down the stigma. Sometimes people say you’re too expensive. Well, then they’re not your people. You don’t need to do it for free. You don’t need to do it really cheaply and not everybody can afford to pay. And that’s okay. They probably can’t afford to pay you because they’re not charging what they’re worth either. And then the cycle continues. So make money, make lots of money so that then you can do good in the world too.

Remember, we need to be paid no matter what you’re in, whether you’re a coach, whether you’re a consultant, whether you’re a business owner, you need to be paid and you need to be paid well.

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