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Power of Personal Connection With Cathy Smith and Lisa Brandis

Show Notes


Founder of Intuitive Reiki International, Lisa Brandis, Master of Masters – working with Reiki for nearly 20 years combines a blend of the traditional Usui Reiki with an Intuitive approach giving you a connection to the energy of Reiki that is unlike any other.

Lisa holds the vision to inspire, educate and empower others to make a difference in the world using their intuition and the practice of Reiki. She focuses on teaching you how to develop and trust your intuition through Reiki so that you easily receive your own clear guidance daily to benefit you in all areas of life.

Client Connection

We always have this deep feeling of wanting to help people and make a difference. Putting a smile on someone’s face makes us happy. However, being able to connect with people or your clients means that sometimes, you forget your boundaries. You tend to entertain even their negative feelings; thoughts and you start to question things. Where do we go when we die? Why? Why do bad things happen to really good people? And often times, you end up getting burn out.

A lot of us have experienced some level of burnout or stress. So as a business owner, it’s kind of inevitable, particularly in the coaching industry, because there are so many impacts in there and even those that can still take on your client’s emotions and we forget to look after ourselves quite a lot.

The Ability to Connect

So it’s an ability to connect to an aspect of unconditional love that as humans we are disconnected from. We very much rely on our intellect and our and our rational mind and our innate learning. But we’ve disconnected from our intuition primarily. So that’s what Reiki brings us back to, that sense of connection with something greater than us. So for our listeners and particularly our coaches, when we’re thinking about making connections, particularly with our clients and tips, if you got for them, well, Reiki teaches us about being present.

Reiki is a hands-on healing modality slows us right down. It takes away the need to have a conversation to begin with. And really the conversation is done through the power of touch and just through the power of connection. So, a simple session where we’re just beginning with running energy starts by just opening up high at a level of compassion and care for your client so that it always starts on a foundation of wishing the other well-being and holding a space of love and compassion.

And in those moments when you’re connecting with someone without judgment, because that’s not there in that space, it’s just this openness and open-hearted expression. People feel safe in that presence, that love that comes through us, through Reiki, and they open up and they share and they hear. Every person knows exactly what they need, and the unlocking of the healing comes from them accessing their own divine wisdom and their intuition and our role as coaches or as trainers, teachers, therapists is to walk them to their own understanding and to ask questions that elicit that kind of response within them.

The greatest shifts and transformations happen not from intellect or analyzing. It happens from something greater than that, which can only be described as a soul’s presence. And we access powerful intuition and knowing and energy that can change sometimes lifetimes of pain in an instant.

Positive Intention

It’s like love connecting with love. So setting an intention. For a coach, it is important to set the intention, that the process would be enjoyable and that both of you will get something out of it. It shouldn’t be just one sided. It was a coaching exchange where you both loved that interaction because that was set up with a very powerful and positive intention. Isn’t it great when you love what you and the people you work with? Isn’t that an amazing way to work when there’s a synergy between the two of you? It just creates a recipe for a powerful connection that just goes beyond what we normally and traditionally would do when we’re just analyzing or working together from our analytical mind, which is very powerful.

Do Meditation

Meditation is a deep breathing exercise. It takes you out of the mind and into that space of awareness where you’re the observer thinking the thoughts and feeling the emotions that you’re feeling. So when we’re in the observer mode, then we’re accessing our intuitive aspect.

It’s a place of higher knowing and greater wisdom. You can think about how you can embrace being human. Because we are spiritual beings, having a human experience, So embracing the human aspect, yet also tapping into that greater part of ourselves. And it can only be, it can only be accessed in presence. So anything mindfulness, you know, there’s so much, so many tips around being mindful.

Be Present

It could be simply having the intention to be present. Set up an intention to really connect with your clients. We could be setting an intention; say this time I’m going to really listen and see if I can listen with all of my senses. So not just hearing what they’re saying, but seeing if you can pick up those subtle cues. Sometimes the greatest insights come from the things people aren’t saying or noticing those little uncomfortable.

Discovering Yourself

In discovering who you are and what makes you tick and what makes you happy, that can be so different for everybody and certainly has a ripple effect that it creates more harmony in families. It creates more harmony within business working relationships, which is fundamental to business success and growth and helps in nurturing your relationships professionally and personally with your clients. All of that can be made better by understanding how to really deepen you connections with others. 

The Power of Listening

It’s satisfying to really connect with someone and not just talking on that surface level. You know, when you get to something deep and when someone opens up and reveals something vulnerable, it’s such a privilege. It’s a real privilege to hold space for someone that trusts you enough to do that and share something vulnerable.

The power of listening and letting someone share something that they may have bubbled up for years because we’re very good at shoving our emotions down. When we suppress our emotion, it manifests physically. So if we don’t deal with it, it comes out in some form, in a form of some illness. But the good news is we can turn it around with awareness and with self-responsibility, which isn’t always easy. That is why, for a coach, it’s important that you are fully aware of your clients. Those funny little smirks or comments or just a quick little giggle can be those non-verbal cues that you should not be missing.


Power of Personal Connection With Cathy Smith and Lisa Brandis

Connection is powerful so let’s connect, let’s be real and let’s love each other and nurture each other because guess what? In this world of technology, we need love now more than ever. We need connection. It’s a highly valued modality moving forward just because of that fact that we’re a little starved of it.

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