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Penguins Can’t Fly

Show Notes

They say penguins can’t fly
But what if they could!

I recently wrote an article about George the penguin who wanted to learn to fly. He even enrolled in “chick” flying school where he was so much older than everyone else.

George found it humiliating that the techniques being taught didn’t work for him. He tried and tried. He knew in his heart that there had to be a different way, a way that he too could soar and fly high above the land.

Penguins can’t fly, he was told over and over.

People can’t fly either, but thousands of people fly all over the world every day.


Marketing is no different.

The techniques that you are being taught may not work for your business. Marketing is not a one size fits all.

Social Media

Take social media for example. Early adopters, people that joined the platform at the beginning or not long after, have a range of tricks and techniques that work for their page and business. Unfortunately following what they are doing and using their methods will often only work for accounts that are a similar age or category. Try using their advice on a brand new page and you will get crickets, lots of frustration and have totally wasted your time.

Everyone’s experience and circumstances are different.

You Can’t Judge Your Page 1 on Someone’s Page 20

Things have changed so much since that person started and what got them to where they are now won’t get them to where they are going and probably won’t get you to where you want to go either. Some of the fundamentals might work but often they don’t.

Test and Measure

You need to be consistently testing and measuring. There are so many famous examples where big companies with large market share have gone broke (out of business) because they did not watch what was happening in their own markets.

Blockbuster to Netflix and now Netflix looks like it might be going to suffer the same fate after they got too complacent.

Right Method, Right Audience

Do you know your audience, really know your audience?

What works for your audience right now?

Television ads used to be all the rage and an expensive but effective way of reaching large numbers of people. Now we all use streaming services or devices which means we can fast forward or remove the ads.

Facebook ads worked really well with little thought. Now you need to make sure your ad is thumb-stopping and where you are directing your traffic is the answer to their problem. That their problem is pressing enough to make them buy now.

Your potential customers now have hundreds of different options to choose from. For many businesses, your audience has gone from your local catchment area to 100’s of kilometres and in many cases now it is a global audience. Your marketing needs to evolve to meet your audience’s needs.

Penguins Can’t Fly

Not on their own.

Not knowing how should never stop you from dreaming. George had a dream and read the full article here to see how he fulfilled his dream.

Business Dream

Do you have a dream:

  • to get your leads to your business?
  • build a bigger business?
  • stop the feast and famine of lots of work and then none?

Then let’s chat. Go to my CATCO Enterprises website and book a call.

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Penguins Can’t Fly

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