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Overcoming Video Phobia: A Deeper Dive

Show Notes

I already told you on my last video, 7 Tips To Overcoming Video Phobia on how I got over my video phobia. That it was my mindset. Well, I realise it was more than that. Yes, it did start with changing my mindset but that was just the beginning of it. There were a lot of things that actually made me do it. So here are my realisations.

My mindset did play a great part but it was my decision to just DO IT. I let go of my phobia the moment I decided to put all the fears away and just do it. The second thing I did was to stop trying to remember… I stopped trying to remember everything that I wanted to tell you, and I started using a teleprompter. So, first of all, I started writing scripts and I couldn’t read it quick enough without you being able to see it, so then I went to do points, so not everything sounded like it’s scripted but those points reminded me of those few things that I want to tell you, so I no longer write scripts, which takes a lot of time, so that’s another procrastination, so don’t do it.

Videos Are Effective

You might think that not doing video is fine, not overcoming your video phobia is fine. Well, you will never understand the importance of overcoming it and how it can positively impact your life. While some people are fine with just reading blocks or text, some would want to see me or a video of me – be able to hear me. You might have heard of me for a long time but now that you can see me, so you can always go across to YouTube and check me out, right? Pretty easy and convenient.

Video recording for me works well with phones because its easier to use and much more convenient rather than using computers. You might notice today’s background is a little bit different because I’m not in my normal go, so that gives you more options as well, and it also means that I’m no longer looking at the camera, so I can’t see myself, I’m looking at the little dot on the side of the phone, which means that I’m now looking at you in the centre, but when I’m recording this, it’s on the left-hand side, to me, I can’t actually see myself when I’m recording, which has its downsides.

Don’t Be Too Self Conscious

You might find from time to time, I have something in my teeth or my heads are a bit weird, but oh, it’s better to get it out there and get the content to you than to be spot perfect. And I stopped worrying about how I looked. I’ve decided to be a little kinder to myself so I stopped throwing critiques on how I look. At first, it might be a little hard but hopefully over time, it will get better.

Just the same as when I started doing the audio, first of all, I couldn’t listen to it, and then what I used to do was listen to it in the car and pretend I was listening to somebody else’s audio on the podcast, and then that way I was able to serve you better. I was also able to critique myself and realise that I was talking while thinking about words to say… I would say absolutely a lot, particularly when I was interviewing, so I stopped saying that.

Just Start Somewhere

Unfortunately, I started introducing other words instead, but I picked up on those as well and started to get much better, so don’t worry too much, you will get better. But the thing is that you have to start, just try for a few seconds, maybe a copy-minute video, and just start! Do a little test where you can see what the lighting and the surrounds will look like, what the audio is like, what your background like and start. You can also consider hiring somebody or someone from your team to put it put publicly and have them check it for you. They might throw criticism but it will be good for you as it will give you room to improve. So just do it. You can do it.

Practice Makes Perfect

The first ones are not gonna be great, but nobody else. Some of the really big names at the moment also have their share of not so good videos. However, if your contents are good and if you’re serving people and doing the thing that you should be doing, you will definitely get better. So, commit to doing a video and make sure to publish it. Because if you don’t, you will never know your audience reactions. Keep on practicing but publish it so the world will know about it.

Practice Doesn't Make Perfect, You Need to Publish

So, just do it, get the content out there, get constructive criticism then get better!

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Overcoming Video Phobia

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