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Need Help?

Show Notes


Yesterday, I was having a walk and I saw a gentleman in a wheelchair starting to go up a bit of a hill, getting a head start. My immediate thought was, “Oh, I’ll go and give you a push; that will make it easier for you.” But I stopped myself and got curious. I had a chat with him, asking, “So, how are you going?” He had a little dog running beside him, and he said, “Oh, this is the best part of the day. I get to walk the dog with wheels and do my workout.”

If I had just jumped in and helped him, he might not have done it today, and he would have missed out on his workout. Sometimes, instead of just jumping in, we need to be curious. I was talking to an elderly relative this week as well, and she mentioned that when she hesitates at the supermarket, younger people often jump in to help her. She finds it demeaning because she can do it herself, even if it takes a bit longer now that she’s older

The Curiosity Factor

Often, we do things for the right reasons, but does it land correctly? That’s what I love about coaching. We’re not doing it for them; we’re helping them come to the solution by asking powerful questions. We’re getting a bit curious. What if that’s not the only way? What if there’s another way? Have you thought of something else? Sometimes, you get really stuck. Did you know it’s actually just a thought, and you have the option to change those thoughts? Depending on where you’ve grown up and who your main influences were, your thoughts might seem like the only way.

I used to think the world was flat. I used to think we couldn’t have cars or do many things. I used to think that one computer would be enough for the whole world, and now most people have full computers in their pockets. Things change, and so do our thoughts. What if there is another way? What if getting stuck is not really being stuck, but a cry for help? Instead of just jumping in, we can ask, “Do you need help? Can I help you?” That’s a better question than just offering help.

Learn to Explore

What about you? What are you getting stuck on? Are you not marketing because you think video is the only way and you’re not going to do video? I recently had a discussion with a client who hated LinkedIn. She loved reading it when she had time, but she hadn’t considered that LinkedIn has a variety of content, not just long form. Some content is very short, some are posts, and some are videos. She loved doing videos on Instagram and Facebook, so with a little tweak, she got onto LinkedIn for the first time in years. LinkedIn likes a variety of content, so when she felt inspired, she could do long form content, but she didn’t have to.

What's Stopping You?

Sometimes, getting stuck is what stops us. The thought that something has to be done in a particular way can be limiting. Asking powerful questions can make a big difference. So, what are you not coaching yourself on? Do you need an external coach to help you? Often, we can’t see the forest for the trees. We can’t see the path when we’re standing at the bottom looking out. Sometimes, we need someone else to help unpack the thoughts in our brain, those sneaky thoughts that seem helpful but aren’t really.

I remember an ad for porridge oats, I think it was Uncle Toby’s. A little boy wanted to run away, packed his backpack with a teddy bear, and was all set to go. But five minutes later, he came back. His mum asked, “Weren’t you running away?” He said, “Yeah, but I can’t cross the road. Could you drive me?” He had a limiting belief about crossing the road. We all have these thought patterns that can stop us.

What if you didn’t know what was stopping you? What if you just sat there for a second and dumped all those thoughts from your brain? What if the first thought wasn’t the right one? What if you wrote down ten more? What if there’s another way? Maybe you don’t have to do a talking head video. Maybe you can use beautiful photos or free stock videos and do a voiceover. There are many ways to market yourself as a coach.

Ask For Help

Sometimes, we just need to think differently. Do you need help? Maybe you need to put your hand up. Maybe you need to listen to more podcast episodes, watch YouTube videos, or just start. There’s so much you can help people with. If you wait until it’s perfect, you’ll never do it. There are so many things sitting on computers that could help people, but they’re not out in the world because they’re not perfect. Once you get it out there, you can tweak it. Just do it.



Need Help?

The next time you think about jumping in and helping somebody because it’s the right thing to do, ask that curious question. Ask them do they need help? Ask as curious questions of yourself as well. Do you actually need help? And maybe you’re the one that can help yourself.

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