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Mistakes I’ve Made Business Talk -The Journey So Far

Short show notes today. The Journey So Far and What Went Wrong.

Like all journey’s my podcasting journey while making Small Business Talk has not always been a smooth one. Listen to some of the many mistakes I have made and hopefully, you can learn not to make these on your podcasting journey or just listen and have a laugh. In the end, no one died (although I thought I might once or twice) and the show has gone on. For your listening pleasure here is episode 022 of The Small Business Talk Podcast. 

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Thank You

Thank you for listening and I look forward to getting better as time goes on.

Thank you to Ray Milidoni because without your course Small Business Talk Podcast would never have become a reality.
If you are thinking of podcasting do yourself a favour and do Ray’s Course first. 6 P’s of Podcasting 

Be Prepared and Don't Rush

I have made numerous mistakes from not pressing record to spelling guests names wrong and through this I have learnt very few things in life can’t be undone with patience and timing.

Just Go For It and work it and work it out along the way.

Mistakes I've Made Small Business Talk - The Journey So Far

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