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Minutes Matter: How to do More With Less Time

Show Notes

Isn’t it amazing how much we can get done when we really focus? I’ve just been recording next week’s episode, which is corporate coaching and how to do the transition. Really great episode. You really get to enjoy that. So that’s 241 for next week. But today minutes matter.

How much you can get done the day before you go on holidays? You know that there’s no time to waste. There’s nothing you can do. You’ve got to really get stuck into it and get everything done on that day. And that’s what you do. You get hyper focused.

Anything that’s out there doesn’t need to happen. You don’t ring your girlfriend, you don’t do all those wannabe things. You don’t check your emails 15 times. You really get focused and get on with it. We can do that in small bursts now. We can’t maintain that. And I’m not suggesting that you do. But what are some of the things that we can do to make our days more productive?

Understand Time

When we worked for other people, it was great. We had time tracks. We had to do a certain amount of things when we’re working for ourselves, sometimes that time can stretch can be much longer than it should be. Often people say if you give it three hours, it’s going to take three hours. If you cut that down to an hour and a half, is that something that’s practical?

In SBT episode 225, I gave you a whole stack of different techniques to use the Eisenhower Matrix delegation, ABCDE method, batching, time tracking, that sort of thing. So, if you haven’t listened to that, go back to SBT Episode 225. But, today we want to talk about understanding time. So sometimes time seems to go very quickly. Sometimes it takes so much longer.

If you’re racing around trying to get things done before you’ve got to go and pick up your spouse or the children. Time goes really quick. If you’re waiting in the line to, oh, did I go to the doctor’s? Or I have a form ticket or something like that? It seems to really drag out time can take a very long time.

Sometimes it’s the same amount of time. So what is different about time? If we play with the idea that time is 60 minutes in an hour and 60s in a minute, and that doesn’t change. So what does change about time? Of course, it’s our thoughts. It’s our perception. It’s the way we make time. So, what is it that we can do in our day to day that’s not going to burn us out.

Manage Your Time Properly

That’s going to change that time to get us to do more things because we need to be more focused. Now. There’s lots of different techniques, tools, tricks, all of that kind of thing. Simon Reynolds said that if you only touch things once, that can be a great time saver. So back in the day, if you had an envelope and you opened it, action, that bill or whatever came in that envelope, I guess it relates the same to our inbox.

Create A Schedule

How many times do you flag things and then go back and then have to find them because you’ve forgotten about? And then what if you can action it right there and then some things you actually can? What if you allowed yourself one hour, maybe at the beginning of the day, or the end of the day, to deal with all those emails, and you didn’t keep going back every ten minutes and checking them out.

Now, majority of this and not in a customer support role. So if we leave those emails for a few hours, it’s not going to make that much difference. But what are we doing? We’ve got those notifications going. Ping ping ping ping ping. Are we waiting for something? So we go back and check it three times. Suddenly an hour has gone past and what have you done?

Not a lot. So what is it that you can start getting those boundaries around? Getting that focus and making it show that your time is used properly? Get that focus. Brooke is still here. Has got Monday our one, and the idea behind that is you put everything into your calendar on the first hour of the day on a Monday, and then you stick to that calendar.

Schedule Ahead

Can you do that? You might need a bit more instructions on that one. Brenda Bouchard says book it the day before. So on a Sunday he says, work out your whole week. What are you going to do? Similar sort of myth met similar sort of methodology. You can get those sorts of things done. The more things that you can have scheduled, particularly on your calendar, the less you’ve got to be thinking about, why am I doing this and what am I doing that.


Minutes Matter: How to do More With Less Time

Time management isn’t magic, but when done properly, it can allow you to reframe your mindset to a smarter way of doing things.

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