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Marketing on a Small Budget: How to Make the Most of it with Daisy McCarty

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Daisy McCarty is a fractional Chief Marketing Officer for several B2B companies as part of The Marketing Blender team in Fort Worth, Texas. She provides training & resources that help businesses and marketers make the most of their efforts and budget. Daisy brings together best practices & processes from Blender’s full team of experienced CMOs and right sizes them for small businesses.

Do Those Marketing Tips Really Work?

Sometimes you will see a tip from another business or a marketing expert that makes it seem like there is one sure way to grow every business with their marketing. The truth is, every business is different and sometimes generalised advice won’t work for you. This can mean that a particular platform doesn’t suit your industry, or that your niche isn’t suited for a particular type of content – what you need will probably not be the same as what a completely different company needs.

Consistent Branding

If you make a guide to how your branding should be displayed and communicated to your audience so it stays consistent across all platforms and locations, it ensures that your business can be identified from one look no matter where it is. This includes having a style guide, a target market, and a playbook on how to handle it all. Having this set up can be a game changer if you have someone else handle your marketing – whether a trainee in your business or if you hire a marketing agency or someone else entirely

Have You Checked in on Your Current Clients?

Business owners are prone to forgetting about the warmest leads they have in favour of new sales – the people who are already buying from them! You may have come out with something new that is exactly what your customers need, and all you have to do is let them know. Even a simple email campaign could bring in a bunch of new sales for you, with nowhere near the effort you’d need for cold leads.

Evaluating Your Marketing

Working on a budget is hard and being patient with results is even harder. Marketing success doesn’t happen overnight, unfortunately, and it will take time for you to really get going – but in the meantime you should be looking at the results you have and evaluating them so you can figure out your next step. Stick with your strategy for six months, but tweak little things in between and see if you get better results.



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Marketing on a Small Budget: How to Make the Most of it with Daisy McCarty

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