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Marketing Automation, How to Get Your Marketing More Streamlined with Ray Milidoni

Today, we are talking to Ray Milidoni. Ray’s a really special guest, because he is how I got into podcast, and how this podcast became a reality.

I’ve been talking about doing a podcast for two years and a friend of mine was doing Ray’s podcasting course and said, “You’ve got to do it.” The worst timing ever just before I went on holidays, but I did it and that’s how Small Business Talk came to life.

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Show Notes


Ray’s philosophy is to ‘Stay Sharp’ and always be learning. Listen to Ray’s own podcast Razor Sharp Show. His mission is to create a community which inspires moments of collaboration where we can all learn new ways of thinking which leads to new solutions and a better world to live in.

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” That is my life quote and my approach to all aspects of my life.” Ray Milidoni

As Digital Marketing Consultant Ray has helped organic and regenerative food providers grow their impact and reach by automating their digital marketing activities. He also follows a Keto lifestyle and is venturing into Keto as a business.

Ray is often referred to as the “glue” – always fixing people’s problems and connecting people. Ray say “I am great at turning problems into opportunities. I can spot a good opportunity long before others can.”

Enjoy episode 19 of the Small Business Talk Podcast with Ray Milidoni

Marketing Automation, Where to Start

Marketing automation, how to get your marketing a bit more streamlined and how to make it far easier than you’re probably doing at the moment.

"I always say that the best way to start your marketing automation is to make it manual, you have to do things that don't scale.”

A great example of this is, sometimes when you set up a new product line, you may not have the onboarding emails, you may not have the welcome emails. You might sell your first product and then have this really good problem of like, “Oh, we need to now welcome these people to these programs.” So you do it manually and then whenever a task becomes something that you do more than once, that’s when it’s a good time to start automating it.

A lot of business owners like to feel like they’re smart by automating the stuff that doesn’t really matter because it may be automated once or twice a month. Sometimes it’s probably better to have a human touch to that. The minute that something is ongoing, and you need to do it 10, 15, 20, 30, times, that’s when you should start looking to automate it. To start with you should be doing it manually and doing things that doesn’t scale because we can get caught up in the smart-ness of automation and then we lose that human touch. And it’s really important to go through the physical process of welcoming someone and writing that custom email before you automated it or have a bot do it. We can get lost in this world of technology with.

Getting Your Flow Right

You often see these automated systems, particularly your auto responders and your instant mail apps that just don’t speak to you. They are either the wrong topic from what you’ve opted in for or the flows are wrong. By doing it manually first, you can make sure you’ve got the steps correct before you start to automate them.

What Kind of Marketing Should we be Looking at Automating, Where Should we be Starting to Automate?

Where to start automating depends on each business. Most businesses business owners are getting too caught up in the day-to-day admin of the business and become frustration with these tasks. Sometimes it might not even be marketing, or marketing admin that needs to be automated first.

If there’s an invoice, like it’s a Xero thing that you need to do daily or that’s something that you can automate that has nothing to do with the customer journey, automating doesn’t have anything to do with the marketing.

If you’re doing a task and you’re like, “Why am I doing this? This is a task that shouldn’t exist in 2019,” then that’s probably a task you should look at saying, “Can I automated, delegate it, or just stop doing it and delete it and the business will still keep going?” Ray looks at those frustration points and eliminate those because when business owners are happy and living in joy, their business tends to have a better energy to it, the staff will be happier too, the clients that the business attract are better as well.

Build Relationship With Automation

A lot of people tend to do that one-to-many relationship where everyone gets the same follow-up email when it could be very easy to customise it based on even just like “We saw that you came from Facebook. Have you checked out our Facebook page by doing some smart UTM parameters stuff and storing that into your database as well”. It will only goes to people who came from Facebook and you know that they’re Facebook user. So those type of things is where I think having a lead magnet is great, but how do we then add the next layer of smart marketing on top of that?

It is really important because we don’t all want to be just a number or somebody in a box. So that one-to-many approach, although it’s good to get the exposure, sometimes actually backfires. Because if it gives you the wrong information, like you say, you left at 22 minutes and whatever happened, happened at 30 minutes and they’re saying, “Oh I’m so glad you saw it”, and you didn’t, then… that is not a good customer experience.

Listen to the Small Business Talk episode 019 – Marketing Automation, How to Get Your Marketing More Streamlined – Ray Milidoni to get the full details.



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Marketing Automation, How to Get Your Marketing More Streamlined - Ray Milidoni

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