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Making Your Marketing More Human with Jurgen Strauss

Show Notes

Making Your Marketing More Human

People want to do business with people . In recent years, marketing has become very automated, with everyone wanting their marketing to be easy, with as little contact as possible. The result, a huge disconnect for customers. It’s crucial to remember, we do business with people and there must be a personal connection. There’s a relationship between two people, a seller and a buyer, or a person providing a solution to a problem that another person has. Automation and technology should be there to make it easier to have more human-to-human interactions as opposed to replacing them.

Read on for marketing tips from Jurgen Strauss from Innovabiz as he tells us how to make your marketing more human or click play above to listen to the full podcast.


Jurgen Strauss has spent years in both the corporate world and in small business at the intersection of technology, science, human behaviour, marketing and business management. His philosophy is making marketing human! His business InnovaBiz partners with exceptional business coaches to transform their marketing into a business generation system that connects you with your ideal clients and grows your business. His InnovaBuzz Podcast has over 200 episodes and a robust system from identifying and inviting guests, through recording, editing, publishing and promoting each episode.

Breaking Down Buyer Resistance

A large and very successful online shoe retailer, Zappos, whole premise is based around treating people like people, offering an amazing service and making memorable experiences for people. They are famously known for allowing customers to return shoes they’ve bought at any time. This breaks down buyer resistance as customers aren’t worried about making a purchase, knowing they can return it if there is an issue.

Give Customers an Experience

The digital world has a strong presence in today’s world and is an area we must be mindful of still giving customers a good experience.  If selling a digital course, typically, there would be a time lapse between the first people buying and paying money to when the course is delivered. This time lapse should be used to connect with customers, making them feel comfortable and part of a community. It’s about the experience on the whole journey as a customer.

Reward Customer Loyalty

Most business invest most of their time and money in getting new customers. Existing customers that have been loyal to a business over a period and have paid that business money for a service or product are treated poorly while new customers are treated better. The sale and the marketing shouldn’t finish when you’ve made the sale and a client has decided he is sold, that’s just one step in the overall journey.

Continue to WOW customers

Business owners try to wow customers before making a purchase decision, but this really needs to continue at every stage. After a customer has made a purchase decision, to the time they receive the product or the service, don’t miss any opportunities to wow them and to keep their experience positive and build trust. If customers have had a fantastic experience with you, they are inclined to buy more from you knowing they’re going to receive a fantastic experience. They are also likely to tell other people about their positive experience too which can generate new business. If you’re working with good clients, you’ll attract more of those good clients.

Making Your Marketing More Human

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