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Is Your Business Exposed?

Show Notes

Where did your mind go when you read – 

“Is your business exposed?”

Was it negative?

Negative Business Exposure

Did you think of being exposed to cyber security issues, identify theft, email scams, hacking?

In episode 111 of Small Business Talk, I talked about Your Digital Business Security.

In episode 110 was all How Backups Can Make or Break Your Business With Andrew Dennehy.

In episode 85 was What are the Real Cyber Risks For Small Businesses? With Caitriona Forde

Go back and listen to them if you haven’t already and even if you have, they are worth re-listening to.

I recently learned that it is actually a government requirement of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to have your critical business data backed up. Click here to know more about it. No doubt other countries have similar requirements.

Business Exposure

Bad publicity, employee issues, Occupational Health and Safety and I could go on.

But that is not the type of exposure I want to talk to you about in this podcast.

Getting in Front of The Right Clients

Back in the day when the only type of business was a bricks and mortar business everyone relayed on foot traffic. People walking past and wanting your service so wandering in. People would talk to their friends and neighbours and ask for referrals. The reach of the business was very localised.

Then print media, radio and TV came around so the reach of the business grew.

Along comes digital and now the reach of a business has no boundaries.

The good and the bad thing about digital whether it be your website reach or social media is that it is a very busy space and are you really reaching your idea clients? Does your business treat your online presence like the people walking past your shop in the old days and hope that they might stumble upon you?

Business Exposure to Your Ideal Clients

Are you actually getting business exposure, positive business exposure or are you relaying on Hit and Miss marketing?

  1. No Plan for Marketing
  2. Unreliable Marketing Strategies
  3. Spread Thin
  4. No Streamlined Client Pathway
  5. Too Little Touch Points
  6. No Contact Route
  7. No Marketing Whatsoever 

 Read the full article at Why Hit & Miss Marketing is Not Enough.

Marketing or Sales

Most businesses that I see don’t have much idea on how or where to market their business.

Although we are all familiar with marketing and sales as words, how many of you know the difference? We do a lot marketing and sales or sales and marketing into the one bucket and we are done, or are we?

Marketing and sales are very different and have different purposes.


“encompasses all activities that help spark interest in your business” according to hubspot

It is the nurturing, the informing, educating and giving the prospect the option to buy.


Should be the process in which the prospect buys and becomes a client. It should be a journey that the customer happily travels and is thrilled with the whole experience.

The problem that most businesses have, is that they don’t want to sell, they don’t want to be pushy, they don’t want to be the icky salesman that we all love to hate.

When done right you are just presenting your solution to the ideal prospect to solve the problem that they have. You are not coercing anyone you are providing an environment in which the choice to buy is offered.

If you have the perfect solution to their problem and you don’t present to the prospect isn’t that doing them a disservice? If the prospect perceives the problem as so acute, they will buy a solution so it might as well be from you.

Bottomline – If you don’t make sales in your business, you will not have business.

Growing Your Business

There is only 2 ways to grow your business according to Alex Hormozi, who has a portfolio of companies worth over $100 million US Dollars

  1. Increase Acquisition→ You can get more customers.
  2. Increase Lifetime Gross Profit (LTGP) → You can make your customers worth more. 

Both include sales.

How do you get sales? By getting in front of the right audience.

How do you get in front of the right audience? Marketing

Right Audience

  1. Ensure your marketing is making you money
  2. Have enough qualified leads to generate sufficient sales to thrive
  3. Generating leads into your business
  4. Be visible to potential customers through your website
  5. Make a connection
  6. Make sales calls to qualified leads

 To read the article go to Make Your Business Grow and Thrive with New Leads

If your prospects can’t see you, find you, then they can’t buy from you. You need to get good positive exposure to your ideal customers, consistently to make sure your business will thrive.

Marketing doesn’t need to be that hard and most importantly your marketing must lead to sales and make you money.

If not, you are doing it wrong and need to revealuate what you are doing?

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Is Your Business Exposed?

Next week our special guest is talking about pricing for success so you are not going to want this episode of Small Business Talk.

Listen to Episode 135 of Small Business Talk for the full details.


Is your Business Exposed?

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