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How Using Google Products Can Make Your Life Easier with Janine Fraser

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Janine Fraser is the Principal of Beyond Business Consultants, a virtual business development and management service that helps small business owners improve the efficiency of their business operations. She installs firm foundations in the way of systems and processes your business will thrive. Organisation and structure the perfect recipe for good business!

With nearly a decade of virtual service experience, Beyond Business Consultants currently build and maintain databases, implement processes and systems, and manage business development for many local and national Australian small businesses.

Keep Your Business All Together with Google Workspace

Google Workspace (also called ‘Google Suite’ or ‘G Suite’) in particular can make running your business a lot more streamlined; connecting your email addresses, keeping everything collaborative and easily accessible for all team members, and promoting productivity within the workplace. Instead of four hundred different applications to work with, Google Workspace gives you a united place to work in and on your business.

Accessible Communication

Utilisation of a ‘chat’ feature can be powerful in creating communication and collaboration with your team. While Slack is a popular choice among businesses these days, another great choice that keeps all your communications in one place is Google’s own chat feature, which works as an instant message service. While emails are great, chats can be more immediate and are great for when you have employees who are not ‘in the office.’

Using Google Drive

Many business owners choose to sell their business at some point down the track. You should always be making sure that the exchange will be smooth and that people will be able to run the business without you, and due to newer developments in Google Drive, you can build your whole asset register within Google Drive itself.



Is Google Technology and Software Right for My Business?

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How Using Google Products Can Make Your Life Easier with Janine Fraser

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