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How to Upskill Your Business for Growth with Maree Gooch

Show Notes

Today’s guest is Maree Gooch. Maree is one of WA’s most engaging and successful entrepreneurs and management consultants with more than three decades of experience spanning business and government.

Maree co-founded Value Creators in December 2018. The underlying ethos of the programs are about managing change for good and to create the future you want, not just praying for change.

Value Creators develops and deliver programs across three areas – people, business and industry. Their programs align strongly with key business concepts of strategy, finance and governance, providing the space for people and business to flourish.

Their programs allow for creative thinking when combined with innovative and powerful delivery concepts provide an ideal space for participants to make it all happen. Imagine understanding and playing to your strengths, developing skills in communication, implementing strategy and business processes and adapting them to achieve excellence in life and work – kind of like ‘creating the doors to open’.

Upskilling For Business Growth

As small business owner myself for 35 years I know what it’s like to be lonely at the top. I know what it’s like to be able to have a group of critical friends that I can call it on and just bounce ideas off sometimes. And I also know what it’s like to have to want to improve yourself. In my early 40s, I decided I wanted to do an executive MBA so I had jump through a few hoops to get into the University of Western Australia. Going through that process was an amazing thing I had to learn to study and all sorts of challenging things like that. Having dropped out a couple of times when I was younger it actually changed the life. It’s been a wonderful place to be now, where we help others help themselves other through their own personal development, or through business and going to the R&D incentive, it’s about business helping themselves, so it’s really setting up for success, creating things on purpose and making sure that we get the best bank at, we put our time and energy because it’s precious. We could be spending more time in our families, we could be exercising and having better sort of access to mental health opportunities. I look after ourselves, and if we don’t look after ourselves as small business owners, nobody else is going to.

Personal growth can really help to grow your business but lets start with R&D for your business.

Research and Design, R&D Can Grow Your Business

R&D Tax Incentitives may be a way to get a cash injection into your business. With all small businesses cashflow is very important and cash is king.

To qualify for R&D Tax incentives in Australia  you must be a company, a PTY LTD and your project must be new knowledge. If it’s not new knowledge then you won’t  qualified, However don’t self-select, because sometimes with some adjustments, it can be new knowledge. You have 10 months from the end of year to make the application.

There is patents, intellectual property and all those sorts of things that you will need to get a advice on from the appropriate legal representatives and taxation specialist. You can put in your own application or you can have support or you can go through a tax advisor.  We operate with registered Tax advisors that we know and trust, and they all squeaky-clean as well so the underlying message in here it has to be squeaky-clean and all correct.

Mentoring in Perfect for Personal Growth

Value Creators have programs and workshops like Upstart – to help train young professionals in the art of running a business. Understanding their strengths and playing to them. Learning skills such as time management, getting off their phones, understanding business, negotiation and communication skills.

Then there is Turning Point which is if you are at a crossroads and wondering where your career journey is going to take you, aimed at internal thinking, goal setting and strategy.

Governance how to get on a board or committee, what your role and responsibilities are. Also a Thought Leader a very high level space mentoring space where people can come together to  do professional development and group mentoring.

Go to Value Creators to learn more.



How to Upskill Your Business for Growth

Upskilling in this current climate is very important and there are many ways to do it, whether it is growing your business or yourself.

Listen to the full episode of Small Business Talk Podcast #065  to find out How to Upskill Your Business for Growth.

How to Upskill Your Business for Growth -Maree Gooch Small Business Talk

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