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How to Standout As A Coach

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Cathy Smith is a dynamic and inspiring speaker, renowned author, and seasoned marketing expert with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Cathy founded Cathy Smith Coaching after noticing that brilliant coaches struggle to make a living from their practice. She recognized that coaches are often taught to coach but not to run a coaching business. Two entirely different skill sets. As the creator of the coach’s marketing roadmap, she helps coaches transform their practices into thriving businesses with actionable strategies for success.

Recently, I was a guest of Darren Saul from Suspended Animation. He has a podcast series called playing with perspective. We had a wonderful chat about how to stand out as a coach, so it was so good. I thought you might like to listen to it as well. So, today’s episode 242 is a repeat of my conversation with Darren Saul of how to stand out as a coach.

Knowing What Coaching Is

Pure coaching is actually very different. So consulting is where you use your expertise and you tell somebody step by step how to do it. Where as in coaching, you ask probing questions to enable the person to actually work out how to do it. And that sounds really scary when you’re not used to it, but it actually means that you come up with your own answers when the coach asks you the proper questions, and that makes it so much more powerful and stick.

And it also means that if that solution doesn’t work, for whatever reason, you’ve now got the skills to be able to create other solutions as opposed to following the step by step. And one little thing doesn’t work, and suddenly you’ve got to start from scratch again.

When you started doing a bit of marketing and strategizing and coaching, it might be hard to tell the difference between a trainer, a coach, a strategist but you will realized that a coach is really someone who is with you along the way.

You think of a football coach or a business coach or a, you know, ballet coach or whatever it is. It’s not a trainer that trains your particular aspect and then leaves. A coach is with you to motivate you, inspire you, and help get the best out of you. As you said along the way, they are like your partner in crime, so to speak.

So you might have a coach that’s helping you in your startup phase, and they’re very good at probing those questions. But now you actually need to go and get a mentor or consultant because you need some skills where you’ve got a gap in your skill set.

Sometimes it’s just a case that that’s where their skill series, they very good at that startup. And now that you’re a bit more of an established business, you may need somebody else. So quite often we can have one or 2 or 3 coaches. We can also have a range of coaches and mentors. And sometimes we just need to change our service providers as we go along.

Doing Consulting Business

So I started as a printing sales rep a long time before internet, and I was helping people to get the best out of their printing, because commercial printing way back then was quite a bit more expensive. There was no full color, easy print gang running as there is now, and we can get everything done for next to nothing.

It was very expensive. It took a long time and you had to get it right this time. So that was my when my very first consulting started and then I morphed into CATCO Enterprises, which is my other business and that’s a marketing consultancy. So, I was helping people with their marketing and making sure that the money that I was spending on marketing was actually getting them a return on investment.

Using The Right Marketing Strategy

People spend a lot of money on marketing that just goes down the drain into Facebook’s pocket, into a consultant’s pocket, into somewhere else. And it never brings you back that money if it’s not bringing you back that money. We say 1 to $3 extra every dollar you spend three. So good if you can get more, even better if you’re not getting more money than you put in, you need to tweak it, change it.

And if that’s still not working, you probably need to kill it because it’s not the right marketing for you. You can’t just keep throwing money at a strategy that’s not bringing your results. It doesn’t make any sense. People do, unfortunately. And you spend tens of thousands of dollars, particularly in Facebook, on ads that don’t work because they go to broken links.

They’re trying to market to a cold audience that the way they would to their friends and family, who are obviously much warmer or a hot audience, or it’s just too confusing. You go from one ad to something else and you’ve got no idea what you clicked on. And now you don’t know what you’re doing there, so you just bounce back out again.

Why Help and Work With Coaches?

Coaching is a fascinating industry. And one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing industry right now. There are coaches for everything. So anybody can literally put their hat on and call themself the coach. So when you’re going to somebody who’s supposedly an expert, you actually want to know that they know they craft, they know what they’re talking about.

But what happens quite often with these coaches is they go through a six month, 12 months, sometimes longer course. They do their mentoring hours, they do practice, they get their qualifications. They might go forward and get an International Coaching Federation qualification as well. But they’re taught to coach, which is a fabulous thing. But they’re not taught about the business of coaching.

And quite often these people have come from corporate. So, somebody has done their marketing for them, they’ve done their invoicing, they’ve done their lead generation, they’ve done all the bits and pieces that you need to do to have a business. So, they’re fabulous technicians. They just don’t know how to package it all together.

Coaching and Marketing

Quite often they will have like a four-hour component in a six-month course, and potentially maybe some of the reasons is because coaching is their core modality. Marketing is not. They definitely should be adding in some marketing and some business training because it’s fabulous to churn out coaches.

But unless you’re going to be working on as an internal coach in a coaching school or an organization that you are the internal coach, then you’re not going to be able to create a thriving business. If you haven’t got those extra skills. Now, some people came from a different business so we can transfer the skills. There are quite a few people from it that have come. And then I had IT business and they transferring their skills, that sort of thing. So that’s fabulous. But if he’s had no business skills at all, it’s hard right.



How to Standout As A Coach

Your audience will find you. Just be authentic, put your stuff out into the world, continue to refine it, and your audience will find you as you go. As long as you are letting them. If you are hiding away in the dungeon, nobody will find you and that no amount of manifesting will bring them in if you’re not actually taking the action.

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