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How to Run a Business Without Sacrificing Work/Life Balance with Joey Drolshagen

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Joey has been named one of the top Business Coaches disrupting the industry in 2021, leading hundreds of professionals feeling unfulfilled in their works, to experience FREEDOM, beyond what a ‘JOB’ can offer. To create a life of financial freedom through monetizing their passion!

Creator and developer of Subconscious Mindset Training, or SMT, Joey has proven time and time again that life-long changes, and quantum shifts are possible to achieve 100% of the time, and in lightning speed, unlike taking ‘massive action’, or through mindset alone. And, after helping hundreds of individuals move into living a life they don’t need a vacation from, his track record speaks for itself.

Why ‘Just Doing It’ Doesn’t Work

If we work harder and harder to make things happen, rewards will come to us. If we find a hurdle, we need to learn to jump higher. Working hard has always been a focal point of running a business, but Joey tells us that it shouldn’t always be difficult.

We’re human ‘beings,’ not human ‘doings.’

Focus on the things that work for you.

Take an inventory of your business and look at what flows easily for you, and what does not. You should understand each aspect of your business and what is making life difficult for you, and then change things so that you can have more ‘flow’ and less ‘push.’

What is Your Vision?

Your business should come with a vision that is dynamic.

  • What do you want to be?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What do you want to have?
  • What do you want to experience?

Rather than focusing on just your profits, also think about what you want your business to become. Close your eyes and visualise what running your business in 5, 10, 20 years might look like. Think about what you could do to make your business enjoyable and fun to work within. As an owner, you spend so much time in your business – why would you want to spend that time if it is not enjoyable for you?

Avoiding Judgement

Our worst critics are often ourselves.

Are you constantly thinking about whether you are improving or deteriorating, whether you are winning or losing, whether you are the right kind of ‘successful’ or a failure in your business? Staying away from those kinds of thoughts can make your business so much easier for you. And the truth is that business owners working hard but doing the same thing all the time often end up stuck.

The real question is: do you feel good about the way you are running your business?

Instead of spending each day feeling exhausted and burned out doing everything, try doing the things that inspire you – the actions that feel good to do.



How to Run a Business Without Sacrificing Work/Life Balance with Joey Drolshagen

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