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How to Rock Your 4th Quarter in Business

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Can you believe it is only 4 months to Christmas so that means, we will be heading into the 4th Business Quarter very soon.

How has your year been?
For everyone 2020 has been a year like no other in our life time. For some, it has been an amazing year in business despite or maybe because of the pandemic.
For others, business has been tough and not a good year at all.
No matter your situation, if you are still in business, give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far.

On today’s Small Business Talk podcast episode let’s talk about how to rock your 4th Quarter in Business.

All About Having The Right Position

Going into the 4th quarter is going to be all about positioning.

Where do you sit in the market place and what does your positioning look like.

The types of questions you need to be asking yourself are:

  • Do you need to pivot your place in the market?
  • Does the way you have been or currently are doing business suit the new climate?
  • Do you need to reassess your goals now?
  • Do you need to make some goals
  • Do you need to include your team more

I was doing some training last week with Taki Moore who is an Australian Business Coach and he said that the number one thing that your team are craving is not more money but generally more inclusion into your business. People and team especially will buy into things that they have be a part of deciding.

Communication in difficult times is definitely the main key. Going into the 4th quarter you need to be clear on where you want to head and make sure that you communicate this to your team. The crew will follow the captain far more willingly if they know why and where you plan to go.

Episode #020 is a good one to go back to for help on goal setting.

The Importance of Sales

Money + cash flow are always crucial and even more so in this current climate so heading into the last part of the year, have you got a marketing plan, are your activity asking for sales?

Remember, sales are not sleazy or it doesn’t have to be. Think about offering a solution to your friend’s problem, you would want to do that wouldn’t you? Offer help?

Yes, of course and sales is no different. Educate your people, show them the pain points and then offer the solution. Episode #075, Michael Griffiths had some great tips for bringing in more hot qualified leads with his referral marketing system so go back and listen to that episode. Once done + sale, now it’s time to have the money rolling in don’t forget to make sure account for it properly so listen to Donna Vincent in Episode #039 about invoicing and book keeping.


The key to rocking the last part of 2020 or any year but particularly this one will be planning.
Get all your ducks in a row. This is not the time for winging it. You need to go out with a clear plan and help those customers that are just waiting for you.

Don’t be sitting around waiting for them to come to you. Check out Amy Van Meijl in episode #031, she discusses negative self-talk and about how she built a thriving business in the middle of a downturn in her town. Every cloud does have a silver lining. This too will pass.

So no matter what your current situation is, there will be a way to make it better and to move forward. Please if you are struggling; get help even if it is just someone to talk to. There are lots of online services so please do reach out.

The last part of 2020, you can rock it. Doing the planning, goal setting, make the changes that are necessary no matter how hard they may seem and go for it.

How to Rock Your 4th Quarter in Business​

Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 82 for the full episode.

Next week, our special guest will talk about mindset and how to take the “small” business thinking out of your small business.

Stay well, stay safe and ask for help if you need it.

Till next week, bye for now.

How to Rock It in the Last Quarter for Your Business

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