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How to Improve Customer Experience For Repeat & Referral Business With Bill Nikolouzakis

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Bill has been addressing business owners and their teams for over 12 years but he is not your usual speaker.

His expertise and knowledge is built on a foundation of over 20 years of learnings from both failures and successes. Bill is an entrepreneur at heart and has been from the very beginning of his career. He founded his first company at the age of 21, selling leads to mortgage brokers from a call center in Melbourne, Australia, using a spreadsheet to calculate the potential savings a homeowner could make if they refinanced their home loan.

Today, Bill is the Managing Director at Levels Growth Consultants, which provides consulting services focused on helping SMBs execute sustainable growth and leadership coaching services. Bill is also a Co-Founder of the digital law firm Bond Conveyancing and Non-Executive Director at Urban Seed Projects.

Bill is a straight talker, providing actionable content and strategies that can be implemented immediately by small and medium sized businesses. Combining his strategic thinking with his extensive research, experience, and deep passion for business and streamlining revenue growth, allows Bill to deliver a unique focus on the rational, emotional and contextual drivers that companies need to master to maximize performance and set themselves apart as market leaders.

Improving Customer Experience

We all like to look for the shiny objects but as they say, money is in the list and generally that is your current customers, so looking after them makes such a difference. For small businesses they don’t have an unlimited marketing budget. In fact, some small businesses don’t have a marketing budget at all in terms of advertising costs and paying for advertisements whether that’s digital or not and a lot of us spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how we can get our next client. But the question is, how can we get them to spend their money on us? How can we make sure they’re going to use us? How can we tell people and encourage them to speak to the general market about us? You know, small businesses that are successful are the ones that have their phone ringing all the time. The lifeblood of a good successful small business is to build a customer experience that promotes client referrals.

The problem with some small businesses is that they’re always chasing the new client whereas they don’t look after the existing client. So, making sure that we are looking after them and turning them into advocates and then giving them opportunities to spread the word is such a great idea.

Provide A Great Service

Small business owners would say they provide a great service. That may well be true – they provide a good level service but there’s a difference between good service and a really great service. The first thing you should think is how you deliver your service. Instead of thinking about what do you need to do to get a sale across the line, think about how the customer might want to experience that process. For example, when buying a house. Some buyers don’t want to deal with a broker or a banker but they have to because they’re buying a house. So, what you should do is to make the process simple – to get them what they really want without going through all the lengthy processes. Because if you think carefully, what the buyer really want is to move into their new home. You should think from the client’s perspective.

 The client’s experience doesn’t actually finish at the settlement of the property. They still need to get all the boxes, move it inside, set up the kid’s room, make the beds and everything. Does your customer service effectively finish at the settlement or does it finish when the client already moved in and comfortable inside their new home? When do you actually ask them whether they enjoyed that service? When do you actually ask them if they got any other referrals with? So, timing is really important. A good customer service is always putting yourself in their shoes and then experiencing it from their shoes so you will know how you will deliver your service.

Rise Above Other People's Expectation

Every business is here to make money and that’s fantastic and you should. That should be your goal but the best way to make money long term is to do it with happy clients especially in small business and to do that you have to understand exactly what they want and what they need as an industry or as a cohort within that industry. You need to understand your main client cohort, who they are, what they do, and then building out a base service or an offering that’s gonna actually fit them really closely so that you’re providing an amazing experience for them. Learn to communicate what your expectations are and what the clients expectations are so that when you get to the end of the process it’s not a surprise at all. So having that clearn communication and offer it all in one nice little neat package that helps them to be able to then promote you once again. 

Your goal is to create a service level that’s above expectation.

The little things that we can do in our businesses as well, particularly touching on phones because a lot of people won’t answer the phone call if they don’t know the number, so texting is quite often a far better way to get people’s attention and then also they’ve got that option to call back whenever they’re ready as opposed to you interrupting their day. So as simple as working out how your customer would like to be contacted might be simple but it can make a big difference.

Teach People The Importance of Providing Good Service

Everybody in the business should be servicing the client or servicing somebody that does right. You don’t need a middle management if there’s 10 people in an office so everyone’s servicing the customer or servicing a person and only focusing on the client. So build that culture and that mindset within the business and often a good customer experiences mindset will build an environment around the team that the customer is the most important thing and then everything else kind of happens because of that so if your values are around good customer experience, you should hire people that’s going to provide a good customer experience.

In doing so, your team’s gonna focus on what’s important to you and what’s important to business and if you make that a big part of it then that’s what will happen.



How to Improve Customer Experience For Repeat & Referral Business With Bill Nikolouzakis

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or didthey will remember how you made them feel”. -Maya Angelou

Sometimes great customer service is just about consistency. It doesn’t have to be 5 star, it doesn’t have to be top of the Wasser, but having the same thing every time they turn up can be your point of difference. You don’t have to aim for the stars, you just need to be able to do the same thing day in day out when they recommend somebody to you that they’re gonna get the same kind of service that the original person got.

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