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How To Get Your Business Ready for 2020

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Show Notes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Welcome to episode #048 of the Small Business Talk Podcast, I would like to wish you all a safe, happy and stress free holiday season.

Wow What A Year 2019 Has Been!

Some of you have made great strides in your business and 2019 has been a wonderful successful year for you. For some it has been a harder year.

Reflections on The Year That Was

At this time of year, it is really good to take some time and reflect on what has worked and think about amplifying it. Look at what didn’t work and see if you can see why it didn’t work.

Do you need to:

  • STOP doing something?
  • Start doing something?

Did you take action?

Did you make a plan, then break it down into smaller parts and actually do something towards your goals each day, each week and then monthly and quarterly?

Only you know the answers to these questions.

Where are you Aiming Your Business?

Aim at nothing and you will always hit it

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.

What will you aim for in 2020?
Will you aim at all?

Start Planning Your Business Goals Today?

At this time of the year goal setting and planning is a very important so you can start your new year of business on the best foot.

December 2018, I started doing Ray Milidoni’s 6 P’s of Podcasting Course and 8 weeks later the Small Business Talk Podcast was launched.

  1. I set the Goal
  2. Made the Plan
  3. Broke it down into 6 steps with the help of Ray’s Course
  4. Actioned the steps
  5. Launched the Small Business Talk Podcast and today here is the #48 episode.

What Are Your Goals for 2020?

Do you find goal setting a bit daunting, not really sure where to start?

In episode #007 the Small Business Talk Podcast, Charlotte Brown took us through How to Make 2019 The Most Successful Year Yet so today I have decided to replay that episode for you so you can get a jump start on your planning for 2020.

Enjoy and remember to be great, you MUST take action.


Charlotte Brown

How To Get Your Business Ready for 2020

Plan, set manageable tasks and take action.
See you in 2020.

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How To Get Your Business Ready for 2020

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