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How To Get More Organic Reach On Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful business tool that can reach many people. With Facebook you can get your business message out to people who may not normally see you.
Over the years we have all heard the dome and gloom stories of how Facebook’s organic reach has decline and its now a “Pay to Play” platform.

Yes and No!

Paid ads work on Facebook there is no doubt about that.

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Show Notes

Organic Reach On Facebook – The Basics

Reaching people without paying for ads.

Yes there are still lots of businesses doing really well on Facebook without paying for ads.

Doing a combination of both paid ads and organic posts is definitely the best strategy however not everyone has the budget for that. So let’s talk about how you can increase your organic reach.

  1. Where are you Posting?
  2. When are you Posting?
  3. Why are you Posting?
  4. What are you Posting?
  5. How are you Posting?

Where are You Posting?

Make sure you are posting on your business page.

Yes, your personal profile may get more reach than your business page however that will always be the case if you don’t use your business page. You can post on your business page and then share it on your personal profile, but don’t do it the other way around.

By posting on your business page you are increasing your frequency and have an opportunity to build up your insights. The insights (Facebook analytical) are your gold. It tells you in broad terms who is looking at your post, when they are looking and what they like.

By posting on your business page you also keep everything together so the few people that do come to your wall can scroll through and get more information on your business.

When are You Posting?

Look in your insights on your business page and see when your people are online looking at your posts.

Post when your people are looking. Most people only see your post in their newsfeed, so you need to post when you have the most eyeballs looking. Often you will find people check their Facebook early in the morning when they first get up and later at night when they are supposed to be relaxing.

You may also find certain days work better than others.

I have a client who runs a B’nB Cottage and their best day to post is a Thursday when people are planning their weekend. Their worst day is Monday because the weekend is over and the next one seems too far away, or they are too busy with the start of the week.

Why are You Posting?

  • Why are you on Facebook?
  • Do you have plan of what you are trying to achieve by posting on Facebook?
  • Are you looking to inform your customers?
  • Are you providing information? Going deep into FAQ with videos?
  • Are you looking for brand awareness?
  • Are you looking to entertain? If so what value does that provide your customers?

The why is an important question to answer because that then flows onto what you are posting?

What are You Posting?

What you are posting will depend on your why. You need to be adding value to your customers give them a “why” to look at your stuff in the first place.

Videos are a good to answer FAQ’s. Pick one each week that is a common question and go deep into explaining how your product or service solves the problem that are having, and you get asked all the time. Remember this is not a sales pitch, you are genuinely trying to help your customers. If don’t do it.

Inspiration quotes, funny images etc. can be part of what you post as long as it’s not the only thing you are posting.
You are trying to add value to your customers so showcase your product and services. Be helpful and provide information, share events, trends things that are related to your product.

My gardening client shares pruning tips and when is the best time to plant tips. Get your soil ready now so you will be ready to pant your herbs in 3 weeks’ time etc.

Real works the best. Have photos and videos of work you have just done. The beauty industry do it really well.

Can You Sell on Facebook?

Yes and you should. People can’t but from you if they don’t know you have things to buy, what’s on offer. However, do it periodically and only after you have added value.

Think about how you sell in real life.
Would you walk up you a complete strangers and say buy my product,
buy it now,
you really need to but my product
… of course not.

So don’t behave that way on Facebook.

How are You Posting?

As I have said you really need to post when people are looking.

“On my best time is 6am on a Sunday morning
I’m not even up at that time….”
You don’t have to be.

Facebook has its own schedules and you can preset your post to post for you. Its’s not 100% foul proof but it does work most of the time and is a real time saves.

There are lots of other 3rd party posting apps and services you can get like

Buffer, Hootsuite, Co Schedule etc.
Some have free options and others are paid for my options. These are good for more none essential or filler content like your funny images.

Facebook won’t give as much reach to post that are created outside of Facebook by a 3rd party app however it is better to have some content delivered by a 3rd party app rather that no content at all.

For your most valuable content/real photos information post, it is better to do them at the correct time and post directly into Facebook of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

This is why Facebook live do really well.

How To Get More Organic Reach On Facebook

Okay that is the basic Get you fundamentals done right  and in 2 weeks 1 will continue on this theme of how to get more organic reach on Facebook with some other tips to gain more reach with your posts.

So follow the things we have discussed here on you will be ready to implement the next lot of tips.

Next week I interview a lady on how to get a book publish that will really sell.

Facebook How to Get More Organic Reach

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