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How To Get More Organic Reach On Facebook – Part 2

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Show Notes

How To Get More Organic Reach On Facebook

Firstly, you need to post and post consistently. It is no point posting 5 things on Monday and nothing else for the rest of the week. If you haven’t listened to The Small Business Talk Podcast Episode 24 on Setting up your Facebook business page and scheduling, go back and listen to that now.

Then think about what you are posting. Is it interesting to your audience? Not just interesting to you, not just funny cat videos but posts that add value to your audience. What about FAQ’s? Can you go deep with a video post explaining the benefit of your product or what one type of product is better than another?  Post when your audience is looking, go to your insights and see when the best time to post is.

Share Your Posts to Groups

There are lots of business groups that you can post into. Think about where your ideal customers are likely to hang out. Read the rules of the group before asking to join. Lots of groups will let business post on certain days. Some community groups too. Others will let you post any day so check first. To post into a group, you generally must do it as a person. Remember to post on your business page and then share from your personal page. At time of recording, Facebook is changing the group rules to allow business pages to join the group after their first post.

Groups are a great place to share your content because it will go to people who may not have heard of you before. These people don’t have to have liked your page or even seen any of your posts before. Once people are engaging/liking or commenting on your posts, go to where you see the likes then click on those who have engage and invite them to like your page. Some groups have promotional days where you can offer a tip, special, information or anything else business related. Groups are a great way to get exposure.

Comment on Ask it pages or Meetup Pages just remember to add value and don’t be spammy.

Make sure your posts have great graphics. Use bright colours to stand out. Stay away from blue and greys as they blend into Facebook colours.

Use Video

This can be a slide show of still photos or real video. Make sure you upload it into Facebook and don’t just upload it into Facebook and don’t just use a link. A lot of people hate doing live video bur “lives” get up to 3 times more reach.

When doing video, remember that people mostly watch is when the sound is off. So use captions. Captions can be the main points and don’t have to be every word spoken. You can also go back and add captions to your live videos as well.

Use comedy in your posts to give your audience a laugh. Word of warning use it as part of your overall strategy, not as your only strategy.

Post Real Stuff, Photos and video of people interacting with your brand. Be human, show your personality within your posts and allow your audience to get to know the people that work in your business. Ask your staff to like and share your posts.

Ask Your Audience Questions

What does your audience want to know?
The biggest thing to remember to get more reach on Facebook for your business is:

  1. Be Consistent
  2. Be Real
  3. Use Video
  4. Ask for Interaction
  5. Share In Groups
  6. Add Value

Try these tips and we would love to hear how you go – comment at Small Business Talk – Cathy Smith

Listen to Small Business Talk Episode #026 for all the full details.

Facebook How to Get More Organic Reach Part 2

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