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How to Future Proof Your Small Business

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How to Future Proof Your Small Business

Join Cathy Smith in episode 223 of Small Business Talk, where she focuses on the vital theme of future-proofing your business. This special episode compiles valuable insights from experts featured in the celebratory 200th episode, each sharing their unique strategies for business sustainability and growth.

 Guest Insights and Strategies:

  • Amy Bett on Cash Flow:
    Amy highlights the significance of understanding cash flow for sustaining a business. She emphasises the need for business owners to be well-versed in their financial numbers, comprehend financial reports, and allocate cash flow effectively to ensure the longevity of their enterprises.
  • Laurene McKenzie (Loz) on Community and Business Building:
    Loz stresses the importance of community in fostering business growth. She delves into the necessity of nurturing key relationships in every business aspect, from team interactions to strategic alliances, underscoring how vital community is for business success.
  • Liz Del Borello on Technology:
    Liz shares critical technology tips, guiding businesses on the importance of implementing the right tech solutions. Her insights help listeners understand how efficient technology use can significantly boost business operations.
  • Ray Milidoni on Consistency:
    Ray discusses the crucial role of consistency in business practices. He advocates for consistently showing up and playing the game in business, illustrating how this approach is essential for long-term success, regardless of the frequency of actions.
  • Jackson Millan on Wealth Management:
    Jackson talks about the necessity of effective wealth and cash flow management. He advises on understanding and leveraging your unique value within the business and how this understanding is key to financial growth and sustainability.
  • Kyle Spyrides on Customer Centric: Kyle suggests that we take ourselves into the future and look from a customer centric lens. Put yourself in the customer’s head. How can you help them out and how are you going to keep that dream alive? People can do business with anybody these days, So why would they do business with you?
  • Adam Houlahan on LinkedIn:
    Adam offers a strategic approach to mastering LinkedIn for business stability. He outlines four essential pillars needed for a successful LinkedIn presence, providing a roadmap for businesses to effectively use this powerful platform.
  • Ian Hawkins on Knowing Your Value:
    Ian emphasises the importance of recognizing your individual value within your business. He encourages owners to understand and capitalise on their unique contributions, which is vital for achieving greater business success.

Great Tips on How to Future Proof Your Small Business

Episode 223 of Small Business Talk is a comprehensive guide for small business owners seeking to future-proof their enterprises. The episode underlines the importance of consistent action, financial understanding, technology utilisation, and relationship nurturing, offering a wealth of knowledge and practical tools for thriving in a dynamic business environment.

Tune in to Small Business Talk with Cathy Smith for episode 223 to gain a deeper understanding of how to future-proof your business with expert insights from seasoned professionals.

You can also find the video versions of the Small Business Talk Episodes on YouTube.

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