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How to Create a Business You Love

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Show Notes

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2020.

Wow, can you believe Christmas has been and gone and most people will be heading back to work next week.

Bushfires in Australia

At the time of recording Australia is gripped by the worst bushfire season in history, with up to 1,000 homes being destroyed, 15 people killed and 3.41 million hectares (approx. 8.4 million acres) of land burnt.

Our heart, prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected and to all the wonderful men and women who have largely given up their time and volunteered to help fight the fires.

Thank You to the Volunteers

In Australia most of the people who help to fight fires, protect our homes and properties are highly skilled volunteers and we thank them.

Importance of a Thriving Business

In times like this it brings it home to why a thriving business is so important. A business that supports you well gives you options to be able to give a little or a lot in time and money to these great causes in times of disaster.

Business Goal Setting - How Did You Go?

How did you go with your business goal setting?

Have you sorted out your plans, written them down, broken them up into chunks – micro goals and planned out what you need to do each week?

If you need some help go back to episode #048 of Small Business Talk Podcast where Charlotte Brown and I discuss the steps you will need to take for creating effective business goals for 2020.

Entrepreneur Journey Harder Than You Thought?

Did you take a good look at yourself and your business and wonder whether this whole entrepreneur journey is for you?

Well before you throw the baby out with the bath water why don’t you listen to today’s episode? As part of our holiday series I am replying  our very first episode of Small Business Talk Podcast where Pauling Bright will go through the different phases of your business life and how you might be able to see your business in a different light – a loving light.


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How to Create a Business You Love

We hope you enjoy this episode. Next week we will back to our regular format and it will be our 50th Episode, look forward to seeing you again for that.

Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 49 for the full episode.

How to Create a Business You Love

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