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How is your Business Going to Survive COVID-19?

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Expand or shrink, how is your business going to survive COVID-19?
Whether your business is open or closed you need to be thinking about how to turn this situation into an opportunity.
We can’t change the situation we face but we can change how we react to it. Are you seeing grey storm clouds or a silver lining ready for the taking?

Listen to Small Business Talk episode 062 to find out how to make the most of COVID-19 for your business.

Making the Most of COVID19

How do you make the most of COVID19?

  1. Stop panicking and watching all the negative Chinese whispers that are going around. If you must check in, limit it to twice a day to reputable sources.
  2. Limit your social media browsing this will only depress you and take you down rabbit holes that will further waste your time, energy and frankly, your sanity.
  3. Plan for the next 90 days and then beyond. Take a good hard look at your current situation:
  • Is your business open or closed
  • What services can you offer right now
  • What pivots can your business take
  • What resources do you already have that you can sell
  • How can you package up your expertise

Here are some example:

If you are business that normally sells face to face – in person consults/at markets, party plans/events.

You can look at selling your products online through Facebook/Instagram shops, ebay,etsy, or shopify then list your new “shop” on a sell market place like

Do Video

“But people want to talk to the maker!” You might say.

Do videos explaining about the product, make them visual, showcasing your products. Don’t want to be on camera? Only show your hands demonstrating the product, turning it over, unwrapping it, showing the parts/pieces/components as you explain it. Talk to your customers through it. What would you say to them if they were staying in front of you? Do the same, only in a video.

“The grapes smell like purple” is a famous quote from the movie Under the Tuscan Sun where the lady is evoking the smell in word form to paint the picture of the scene in the local market.

Bring your product to life in a video form. Movies make us believe all sort of thing and feel many emotions. You just need to think about how you would normally explain your product to a customer and how you can do it on video. You are aiming to help, not be a mode perfect.

Package Up Your Expertise

Another thing you could do is package up your expertise, people want to learn and actively looking for online help right now.

If you are in the beauty industry/fitness industry/medical industry, any type of service business that has been forced to close. Your customers are going to be busting for your services when you are allowed to reopen. In the meantime, you need to  start generating some income and more importantly, be top of mind so that your customers don’t forget you.

How can you help them now?
Do tutorials with a 5% discount on the products you use or a free gift added. Give them tips and tricks on how to apply it better/faster/easier.

“Everybody else is doing this”

Yes, that might be so but do you want your tribe learning from someone else, remembering them as top of mind when they can use the services you provide again. Or they need to buy products now.

What Other Ways can you Provide Your Services?

Can you sell an Ebook, checklist, meal plans, workouts, courses?

What resources do you use/give/have that you currently use for your customer?

How Can You Pivot Your Business?

If you can’t offer your services in the traditional way, then think about new ways you can. Home delivery, video link via Zoom, Messenger, there are lots of webinar and video softwares – some offer free trials, free options and other charge.

Paying for a service that helps you restart your business or continue to make an income might be a wise investment.  Remember, not to get caught up buying for the sake of buying or just because it is another shiny object that everyone has.

Even in these trying times, business are thriving and growing, all it takes is a little sideways thinking.

Who would have thought a speech pathologist teaching children would be able to take his business totally online within a few weeks?

That is exactly what Kyle Meades from Private SLP – Speech Therapy Private Practice Startup did.


Think about where you are currently speeding your time. Do a bit of a time log and see how much time you are spending on social media /Netflix /sports streaming /procrascleaning whatever your favourite time waster is. With most countries in some form of lockdown at the moment, you have more time than you have ever had. Lack of time is not your problem right now. Lack of focus, motivation or how you are choosing to spend your time is more likely to be your problem.

How is your Business Going to Survive COVID-19?

Following on from this topic next week, my special guest will be talking about whether it is the right time to start a business.

Stay safe, stay well and if you need some positive distraction, you can also catch up, listen to or relisten to some episodes of Small Business Talk.

Listen to the full episode of Small Business Talk Podcast #062 How is your Business Going to Survive COVID-19How is your Business Going to Survive COVID-19

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